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    7 Distinct Videos, 23 Tips, Shot in 29 Days

    Hello all! In the past month, I created 7 unique videos, 6 were unpaid, and each one with a whack ton of drone shots! If interested in checking out all 7 videos, 24 pictures, plus 23 tips, here is the full link post. Thank you! #Summer of Love - 7 Unique Stories in 29 Days Here's one of...
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    day2: P4P ripping around Alberta foothills to the Rockies

    Opening shot is a -1:1 reverse shot, to keep props out of my view as I hit 82 kph. This is the only speed editing done in these shots. Fairly haphazardly cut down and thrown into sequence. No real narrative. Sorry I haven't taken more time to edit yet. This was mostly a training exercise...