1. Relaxing Natural Views of Lago di Baratz, Alghero, Sardinia

    Relaxing Natural Views of Lago di Baratz, Alghero, Sardinia

    An evening flight around an untouched lake near the coast of Sardinia
  2. Relaxing Waves - 4K Flight over the Blue Water of the Surfer's Beach Porto Ferro, Alghero, Sardinia

    Relaxing Waves - 4K Flight over the Blue Water of the Surfer's Beach Porto Ferro, Alghero, Sardinia

    Just after a local storm hit this secluded beach it is enchanting to see how nature brought the bay into the perfect, untouched natural status.
  3. Wjm

    Spring in Alps - Switzerland

  4. B

    Forest Falls

    A little spot just off the road in Nor Cal.
  5. D

    Video unavailable

    Video unavailable
  6. archetipo

    Running on the Fields of Paradise

    Phantom 4 Pro. Sardinia (Italy). Facebook Page - Instagram Page - Youtube Channel
  7. K

    large-scale 3D photogrammetry Test

    Zilker Rock, @ Zilker Park Austin TX Derived from over 700 images from P4P and Canon 5Dmk3. Processed in Photoscan Pro. *Give the interactive 3D model a minute or two to load in your browser, it's big (about 200MB...that's down from over a GB as a raw mesh... more 3D photogrammetry - Zilker...
  8. A

    Sri Lanka 2018

  9. C

    "Autumn" video from Southern Delaware, USA

    Here's a video simply on autumn. Autumn was always a somber, melancholy time for me as a child. School was starting, my summertime friends were leaving our resort area and headed back to their homes in the city, and the Earth around me was slowly dying, hibernating, or migrating. The soundtrack...
  10. Zen Ho


    Travel to Hualien County, city along the coastline
  11. Zen Ho

    Mountain Castle.West Buffalo Hill

    Stone castle on top of buffalo hill
  12. S

    Great footage of the Ohio River

    Check out the drone footage at the end of the vlog, captured a few months ago of Newburgh, Indiana. The river, some of the city, and Fireworks! Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment and a like!
  13. Zen Ho

    Suicide Cliff.Kowloon Peak

    Vertical slope on top of Kowloon Peak, amazing view of Hong Kong City
  14. C

    Swampland Serenade

    Here is a music video I just completed titled, "Swampland Serenade." It is an instrumental love song I wrote using our local lands as the backdrop for the music in the video. I hope you enjoy it. We have some pretty land around here. You just have to look for the love and beauty within it. It's...
  15. A

    Mermaid, pink lakes and flamingos in Mexico

    Hey guys just finished editing new video on youtube. If you have time check it out and let me know what do you think Watch it with sound if available Thanks
  16. MassDrone

    HDR photos of beaver lodge

    I enjoy nature photography, and with the drone, I've been exploring reflections of clouds on water. Here are some photos of a beaver lodge I took today at Willis Pond in Sudbury, Mass. Shot with a P3S using 5-exposure bracketing and a polarizing filter to reduce glare in the reflections. The...
  17. Zen Ho

    Spectacular Landform - Ninepin Group

    The Ninepin Group LLC features hexagonal vertical rhyolite columns, the volcanic rock resulting from a volcanic eruption near Sai Kung about 140 million years ago. Ninepin Group is extremely eroded due to the heavy tides that wash against the islands every day. It features several sea caves as a...
  18. Zen Ho

    Three Sharp Peak in Hong Kong, High Junk Peak

  19. Zen Ho

    Easternmost island in Hong Kong, Tung Ping Chau

    Easternmost outlying island of Hong Kong. This crescent-shaped island, is renowned for strange rock formations.
  20. A