1. L

    Looking for pilot in calgary

    Hello all I am located in Calgary and volunteering with a local non profit to develop a water conservation system, I am looking to build a highly accurate contour map and have access to ground survey. My inquiring being If any local pilots would be interested in assisting with the development of...
  2. mtsprocket

    Good morning from frosty Cochrane, Alberta

    Hello from frosty Cochrane, Alberta. I'm spoiled, I've been flying my SOs seriously nice equipment, but we're currently in two different countries, now I can fly when I am home. Live in park central where drone flying is prohibited, but lots of gorgeous spaces nearby, just have to be aware...
  3. DJI Drone in action flying above canadian winter

    DJI Drone in action flying above canadian winter

    If there were a video to be made of Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene part 20 master piece, it would look something like this. S'il y avait une vidéo à faire du chef-d'œuvre de Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene part 20, cela ressemblerait à quelque chose comme ça. * Filmed in the Lanaudiere region, Quebec, CANADA.
  4. Beautiful Fall Leaves / Quebec, CANADA

    Beautiful Fall Leaves / Quebec, CANADA

    Breathtaking beauty of autumn in Quebec, CANADA Image capture using drone from DJI * * * Beauté à couper le souffle de paysage d'automne au Québec,...
  5. mmjax

    Visiting Canada from US - Anything I need to be aware of?

    I am road-tripping with the family in a few weeks. As part of that trip, we plan to enter Canada near Detroit MI, stay with some friends in Toronto for a few days, drive up to Montreal, then re-enter the US into Maine where we will visit some other friends. I expect we will be in Canada for...
  6. P

    Pickering Ajax Border in the GTA

    Good morning ladies and gents
  7. Gundy

    Four Seasons of Oakville 2017

    Oakville, Ontario, Canada Mid Winter, 2017: Spring flooding: Late summer morning: Autumn:
  8. adventurecampitelli

    backwards flowing waterfall

    What do you think of the backwards flowing waterfall?
  9. J

    the BLUEST WATER i've ever seen (droning above glaciers)

    I didn't believe it was real until I saw it!
  10. O

    Phantom 4 SFOC COMPLIANT?

    Hey guys, Im brand spanking new. Bought a phantom 4 about 2 months ago. Im hoping to get my SFOC Compliant but am reading the requirements on the UAV side and Im not sure if the P4 meets the requirements. I have a conformance document but cant find a compliance doc? Anyone successfully navigate...
  11. adventurecampitelli

    My latest video - Canada

    check out my latest video. I have some nice drone shots in it.
  12. adventurecampitelli

    Zip Lining Canada

  13. adventurecampitelli

    Beautiful Drone footage of Western Canada

    I hope you enjoy. What do you think of the backwards flowing waterfall?
  14. J

    We're Going on an Adventure - Join Us?

  15. jaseman007

    British Columbia - Canada

    Just wanted to share our short film from a recent trip to Canada. If you like the film please give us a like and subscribe to our channel. Trying to hit the 100 subs mark. Anyways - enjoy!
  16. David Cooke

    New Canadian Rules - Standoff Distance

    Here's a quote ( Italics) from the proposed regs 15 July Gazzette (Canadian Gov't website) This applies to "SMALL UAVs" >1kg . . Like a Phantom 4 Pro. (1.3kg) „ 902.18 (1) No person shall operate a small unmanned aircraft at a lateral distance of less than 250 feet from another person...
  17. David Cooke

    Regulations CANDA as of July 2017

    Here's my answer to new Canadian Drone Regs published last week. . . not the LAW yet . . but getting close Open public sessions are being held across Canada both virtually and in person to hear what the public thinks of the new UAV (Drone) regulations about to be put into law. Check out...
  18. Gundy

    Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

    One of the most beautiful place in Ontario for sure!
  19. D

    [Canada] Where can I actually fly my drone?

    I just went out today to see some northern lights (aurora borealis) and maybe get some shots at what I thought was a provincial park - turns out it's a national park. I've had my fun playing with the drone as a toy through hundreds of flights, now I want to use it as a tool to capture memories...
  20. R

    Travel Edmonton in 3 Min– 4K Sights/Attractions (ALL Drone ground/aerial footage)

    Hey everyone, I just finished a quick 4K Edmonton attractions/sights travel video – everything shot with a drone. I just realized that some clip transitions are broken and others weren’t exported to the final video. Either way, thanks for stumbling upon it! This little solo project of mine has...