1. OOO

    Beautiful Winter

    Hi Guys, It's been exactly one year since I bought my first drone. Thank you all for your support, patience and encouragement. May the new year bring new hopes, new joys and new successes in your life's journey. This video is a little new year gift to you all! Please watch it in 4K or full HD...
  2. MassDrone


    A sunny afternoon flight over the forest in New England. Spotty rain showers off in the distance. One shower is in just the right direction to grace us a with a rainbow.
  3. eaglewoodfilms

    Kayaking the floodplains and flying P4Pro

    Once in a few years when the signs are just right and the river Daugava in Latvia can't handle spring's meltwater the floodplains of river Dviete fill up and turn into a paradise for birds and adventure seekers. Many use this rare opportunity to jump into their kayaks and paddle through forests...
  4. J

    day2: P4P ripping around Alberta foothills to the Rockies

    Opening shot is a -1:1 reverse shot, to keep props out of my view as I hit 82 kph. This is the only speed editing done in these shots. Fairly haphazardly cut down and thrown into sequence. No real narrative. Sorry I haven't taken more time to edit yet. This was mostly a training exercise...
  5. S

    Video with my phantom 4

    Hi guys, I'm french, and i have my phantom 4 since December. I realized a 4K video with plans of forest, snow and waterfall. Don't hesitate to give me your opinion :-) Sylvain
  6. MassDrone

    Forest pond sunset photos

    This afternoon I flew my P3S over a local pond in a forested area in New England. The leaves haven't started turning colors in earnest, but I want to be familiar with flying in my favorite locations in time. These were some of the photos I collected today. Edited in Photoshop CC.
  7. A

    Rigged up my P3 on the 100 mile Anglesey Island Coastal Path hike

  8. AndyGB

    Misty Woods in Exmoor, England

    Escaping from the rain this afternoon in Hopcott woods, Exmoor, England. (And a chance to try out the Phantom 3's HDR and AEB modes).