Big price differences don't buy in £Gbp

Mar 4, 2014
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Dublin Ireland
So the pricing is as follows $1259 €1399 or £1159

If you are in the UK try buy it in Euros and you'll save €200
A £20 ryanair flight
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Oh wow - Just checked flights from Glasgow and you're right! I might just book a flight for end of June and sell my P2+v3 :)
Always here for ya !! ;)
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Has anyone in the UK ever bought from DJI direct? If so, what happened as far as duty & VAT were concerned?

I'm in Portugal and our imports get held up in Customs for up to three months and then we get hit with an average 30% in 'extras'. There is duty to pay, not just on the product but also on the packaging and postage. When they have calculated that little lot they add on a further 23% of that total as VAT. Even the inflated £GBP price and postage from the UK can work out cheaper and from experience it is certainly quicker.
I hope there's no problems ordering directly from DJI as I've just done exactly that!
A P3 Advanced with extra battery is now on order. Only a £379 upgrade as I sold my P2V+ for £600 I know I could have saved by getting it in Euros but I just wanted it ordered and now I can forget about it until it arrives.

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