Jun 7, 2017
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Hi All,
Could anyone give me an idea of how much the P3S is still worth?
I want to sell mine online. It's in perfect shape, has an authentic extra battery, propguards with phantomclips and a modified bag where the whole lot can fit in.
Second handed asking prices seem to vary quite a bit online and I'm having a hard time finding out what's reasonable to ask. Currently, the asking price I put on is €500,- hoping I can get €400,- for it. So far people only offered €300,- so I'm wondering if my expectation to get 400 is still reasonable or complete foolish.

To get a look at the drone, I've uploaded the pictures here: (ignore the language)
≥ Marktplaats - De plek om nieuwe en tweedehands spullen te kopen en verkopen
You can get a brand new one for less than 400 euro. The second battery and bag will add value. I’m thinking 500 is a little on the ambitious side. See what similar kits are going for on eBay- that’s a reasonable benchmark.
Yeah I was rather hoping people will negotiate to 400 if I put it up for 500, not sure how effective that is though. I reckon if I put it up for 400, people will offer even less than 300.
Looking on Ebay is a good idea, thanks. Quite depressing also, seeing how cheap some P3S's are offered. Fortunately, I haven't come across such a cheap offer yet on the Dutch site that I use, but still, it gives me a more detailed look on the price range.

If it's barely worth more than 300 with extras and all I might consider just keeping it.
If you go to ebay and search for a used P3S, and then limit the search to completed listings, you will see what people are paying, which may be quite different from what people are asking.
Oh I didn't know you could filter out the sold items. That shows quite a different result. As far as I can tell, round 400 does not seem unreasonable for this one with the extra's. I appreciate the help.
Excellent suggestion from Mark. Researching the sold/completed auction history on eBay is a very useful way to determine how to fairly price your Phantom. I use that method whenever I'm looking to buy or sell something. Good luck.

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