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Apr 21, 2015
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What is the transition from Vision Positioning to GPS mode like?

I'm wondering about a situation like flying out of a window. Where it's using VP to maintain an above-floor height of 1m and all of a sudden it has no floor (as the ground is 5m below).

Is it possible to power up the P3 outside, let it acquire GPS, then bring it inside. Obviously it wouldn't maintain GPS inside, but it should regain it relatively quickly once it's outside.

Am I crazy?
Take a look at the launch video again, that's what they did in one of the test videos, going from inside a high rise apartment to outside with no problems. Can't remember exactly where it was, somewhere in Asia I think.
I saw that, but that was a quick acceleration once it was out side. Which works fine without GPS.

The shot I'm planning is basically a slow pull out through a window. I'm wondering how will it'll keep on course if I *only* pull straight back on the stick. Will it try to modify it's altitude once it no longer has sonar contact and does not yet have GPS lock?
I'd say it'll be fine, it'll hold altitude in attitude mode anyway which it will be in until it see enough sats. I'd say you might get a tiny wobble but nothing the Gimbal can't handle. The only way to find out is by doing it. The only thing I'd be concerned about is it losing signal from the tx after it goes out the window, make sure you have line of sight at all times or you could be looking at a lost bird.
Another thing is how big is the window and if I was doing it I wouldnt want to be standing to the side as it goes out the window. It's a tough one to call because I presume you don't want to be in the shot?
I watched the Singapore video when they did the intro. My question was, did they fly it back inside the apartment at the end of the flight? Much harder in my opinion.
I watched the Singapore video when they did the intro. My question was, did they fly it back inside the apartment at the end of the flight? Much harder in my opinion.
Why? It would be very easy to do, bring it down to eye level, fly straight towards you and hand catch. It's how I've landed every single one of my hundreds of flights.
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The planned shot is to take off in the center of the room. A slow 360° pan then back slowly out the window. Back up far enough (at the windows night) to show scale of the house. Then forward and up over the house slowly, panning 180° to show the house as the P3 ascends to about twice the roof height.

Note that he house is under significant interior renovation— the take-off room is down to studs. The window opening is 24" by 24" which is plenty big enough to slowly back out of.

I plan on being in the ground outside (no line of sight, but only 10 meters or so away). Once the 180° pan back to the house happens, I'll walk forward toward the house so the house is blocking the P3's view of me.

It's the transition from Vision Positioning non-GPS that has me worried.
I absolutely detest prop guards but in your case I'd buy a set and stick them on because you won't have LOS backing out of the window in case you hit the window frame. I'd practice 20 times or more going in an out of the window with LOS to make sure you can do it. Risky shot that could cost you a right few quid if you get it wrong and even pulling it off is it going to pay for the damage you could do to your bird. That's the risks you have to weigh up. If you go ahead please tag me in it because it could be a nice shot and good luck :)
Can someone confirm this for me, I spoke to two different DJI techs this morning on my vision position system(VPS) issue when flying indoors, the first tech said the VPS only work on "F" mode....The second one said it should work on "A" mode because the "P and F" mode have GPS enabled and if I'm getting any drifting on "A" mode flying indoors I should send it in for inspection or return it to BB where I bought it....

The only thing that is bothering me, I have done some testing on my own like placing foil on top of the aircraft while it is in "P" mode, it works in "P" mode when it's not getting any GPS signal and the manual also stated you of to be in "P" mode for the VPS to work
Funny you have to mention, I was flying in my house (living room) well hovering from left to right, VPS was working but the height was slightly moving up and down due to being on carpet, being inside it kept going from P-GPS to P-ATTI however the VPS worked fine.

As said I was hovering and moving the P3 left to right to front to back and also doing 360 degrees with right stick and it was fine.

Used a full battery doing this lol

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