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Oct 12, 2014
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Commerce Twp,MI
    1. Chirp
      I got my Part 107 on Saturday. Got an 88%. Missed 6 question--all on airspace. My own fault. If you haven't done it yet I highly recommend remotepilots101.com for an online course. $149. and he'll refund if you fail.
    2. Chirp
    3. Chirp
      I can't see video from my GoPro3+B. I am using only the yellow wire from video out to video in. I cn see menu etc. Monitor is set for video in. There is a verified MP4 file that I verified on TV. Can you help me out? Thanks
    4. Chirp
      Hi Jason. I have some time now to hook up my system to the FPV gear that I have Can you point me in the direction of a youtube video or a diagram to get me started. Also let me know what are good hours to call you in case I get stuck... Thanks My phone is 412-818-1286
    5. GameroPhotographer
      Hola Jason, soy el del problema con el 1uh del Phantom 2, te explico; yo tengo un Phantom visión 2, compre un ginbal chino para la cámara visión f200, cuando lo instalé funciono normal, luego del primero vuelo el p2 se cayó, por el peso, con el ginbal pesaba 1.5kg al revisarlo en casa conecte el puerto p2 en la caja naza del till de la cámara, y ahí explotó el 1uh. Saludos
    6. alex manos
      alex manos
      Hi can you help me please???
      i made the installation of firmware to the (aircraft) phandom 3 advanced and i took off the sd card to put it at the controller.
      i started the installation and the red led does not turn it off.(as the diirections writes)
      how can do the installation?
    7. officialbestof
      Thanks for your response. For some reason I got an email of your response but its not showing up on the site. I went to do that and oddly it was in the center position now. So it seems good but still get fast blinking yellow lights and can't get a slow green even when doing the compass cali and as a result of course it won't operate the quad. Still also no way to get the tilt to work.
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    Commerce Twp,MI


    P2 v1, H3-3D, GoPro Hero 3+B has Peau 3.97mm lens, hero 4 B has a Peau 5.4mm lens , NDJ6 RC controller, immersion 600mw, 5.8G clover-leaf antennas, Patch antenna, iOSD-mini, 32 channel Black Pearl 7" diversity receiver/monitor, GPS 4mm antenna, DVR DX600. P2 weight 1358g
    AMA Member (Academy of Model Aeronautics)