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Troubleshooting an h3-3d 1.0 fpv issue

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D GoPro Gimbal' started by zapf, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. zapf

    Oct 12, 2014
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    To begin with, I have 2 phantom 2s. One with a h3-3d 1.0, and one with the h3-3d 1.1. My older one I keep my hero3+ on, the newer one, my hero4.

    I wanted to fix the 1.0 fpv issue with a hero4 cameras, so I bought a pair of those replacement gopro bus connectors people have been using (not from goodluckbuy, but an identical pair from another seller on ebay). I was going to cut the 5v trace on it (as the issue with fpv on the hero4 appears to be related to feeding it 5v and trying to pull that composite video at the same time through the gopro bus), and replace the original bus connector in the 1.0 gimbal (and possibly in the 1.1 if that went well).

    However, I was not having success replacing the connector. I thought I had just cut the wrong trace on the goodluckbuy replacement, but trying again with my second, unmodified replacement was having the same issue: no power being sent to 3+, no video coming from it. Swapping back and forth a few times between it and the stock part to test eventually led to issues with the original bus connector also not sending a video signal up through the phantom (I was getting power though). This really sucks at this point.

    Tonight I tried one other thing - replacing the bus connector with my spare usb cable from the 1.1 gimbal. That gave me power in / video out on the hero3+ again, which is great. I'll probably be replacing that with the dragon circuits flex cable, and dremeling out the back slightly to accommodate (pinching the flex cable between the gopro and the right wall of the mounting area seems like a poor long term solution).

    My question is though: what do you think I messed up here? Did I just damage the original oem connector, or do you think I did something to the hero3+'s bus port? Those GLB ones were a much tighter fit than the stock one, and I feel like I might have bent a pin or two over the course of inserting and removing the camera from the gimbal.
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