Dec 1, 2016
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Myrtle Beach, SC
I used to be "That Guy" that everyone looked to for technical info. Seems like a lifetime ago. I'm 57 now and accustomed to having the basics explained to me before digging deeper into YouTube videos, Google and the like. Not even opposed to reading a users manual. Nowadays though I struggle with almost anything technical. (Switching from an Android to an Apple phone was painful)

I have questions, lots of questions. If someone would care to PM me and share a phone number I would like to discuss:

1) Aerial Mapping programs (recommendations and basic settings)
2) Forum search features
3) Editing software
4) The best places in Myrtle Beach for refreshing adult beverages

Specifically if you have practical experience with Sky Catch Flight, UgCS Groundstation or Drone Deploy I would like to have an adult conversation about those things.

I have subscribed to UgCS and have the free version of SkyCatch but straightforward information is lacking. Same issue with my subscription to Lightworks editing software and the learning curve is tremendous. I'm worn out sending and receiving emails constantly. It's now taken me 4 days to get the same amount of info a 4 minute phone call would have achieved.

I would be much obliged..

Dix the search feature is to the right of unanswered thread in the top right of the page or use the one
in my signature and type in the middle not the top .
Not having been to Myrtle Beach in 40 years I can't help ya there but just walk the opposite way of
the very happy people and sure you will find a spot .:)
Now you just need #1 and #3 ;)

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