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    The Best Aerial Videos 2017 by travelwithdrone

    Ladies and Gentlemen ; we are pleased to announce the fourth edition of the competition for the Best Aerial Video on (since 2014)This year edition, the part in competition is taken by about 21 clips submitted to us from January to November 2017. These are 21 incredible films...
  2. C

    Can Anyone Fly In Arlington, VA

    I'm not sure if this is allowed if not I apologize. I need to get aerial pictures of a cemetery in Arlington, VA (NOT Arlington National Cemetery. I am a commercial pilot, as well as a commercial UAS pilot. If anyone has a drone that can fly in that airspace would you please contact me? I...
  3. Dixie Flyer

    Technologically Challenged

    I used to be "That Guy" that everyone looked to for technical info. Seems like a lifetime ago. I'm 57 now and accustomed to having the basics explained to me before digging deeper into YouTube videos, Google and the like. Not even opposed to reading a users manual. Nowadays though I struggle...