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  1. R

    Mapping Problem with P4 Pro- Compass and GPS?

    I have a Phantom P4 Pr (V1). I use drone deploy a lot. Flying Mapping missions, , I saw a "Compass Error" on the drone deploy screen. In Dji Go - prior to the mission I checked the compass and it reported Ok. I went into the compass setting and rechecks- (OK ) and performed a an IMU...
  2. I

    Using Terrain Follow with Drone Deploy

    So I was wondering if anyone has experience with using terrain follow with drone deploy and if so how does one cache the elevation when you are offline. Thanks!
  3. J

    Can one use DJI googles while mapping with Drone Deploy?

    I would like to have an observer using DJI googles while I fly a mapping with DroneDeploy on my iPhone but I am hesitant to even try it without knowing whether it will cause problems. Has anyone tried? Thanks
  4. Ilan Yusim

    Drone Pilots Can Now Get Drone Insurance Directly from Their Flight App of Choice

    If you're using DroneDeploy, Drone Harmony or Map Pilot (by Maps Made Easy) you can now get instant on-demand drone insurance for your planned flight seamlessly from the app. The insurance is up to $10M and fully customizable including: Pre-booking, Additional Insured option, instant policy...
  5. W

    (ask) about DroneDeploy for 3D Mapping

    Hi everyone. i just wanna ask about drone deploy. i use P4 first, for free user they only give us 500images to upload on they server to make project or something. and my question is, if i have 300Hectare to be change to 3D images (detail constuction) it will be take more than 500images right ...
  6. K

    GPS (or other?) error while using Drone Deploy

    I've been using a P4P with Drone Deploy to map construction sites for several months. Recently on occasion it started unexpectedly aborting the mission mid way through, returning to home. Now it won't complete a mission. I rises to altitude and then goes into RTH. Drone deploy suggests a GPS...
  7. E

    DJI GS Pro and altitude increasing on its own

    Hello, I've just started using a P4P for surveying/mapping landscapes, including streams and shorelines. I've had on and off issues with DJI GS Pro, where I create the route with a set altitude, say, 200 feet, and set the drone to fly. The drone will lift up and go to the 200 feet, and then it...
  8. Michael Thompson

    Using Drone Deploy with DJI GO 4 question

    If I want to use Drone Deploy, do I launch DJI Go 4 then Drone Deploy? Do I only launch Drone Deploy? Can they both be up at the same time? Very basic question. Thank you.
  9. R

    All Apps Crash During Mission

    I'm flying a P4P using an iPhone 6+ For aerial mapping and so far every app I've tried crashes mid flight. Drone Deploy, litchi, and map pilot. The drone keeps flying and taking photos but I have to restart the apps. Everything is updated so does anyone have any ideas???
  10. M

    How are you getting your height measurements ? (for buildings / roofs)

    Hi folks, How are you getting your height measurements ? (for buildings / roofs) One option is going through the Drone deploy browser and drawing lines on 2d. An auto cad option ? (measuring height in point cloud of auto cad looks tedious) Virtual Surveyor has a height measurement tool...
  11. Dixie Flyer

    Technologically Challenged

    I used to be "That Guy" that everyone looked to for technical info. Seems like a lifetime ago. I'm 57 now and accustomed to having the basics explained to me before digging deeper into YouTube videos, Google and the like. Not even opposed to reading a users manual. Nowadays though I struggle...