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  1. Smokeydrone

    Aug 12, 2018
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    can anyone help, ive just bought a samsung tab s3 for my p4 i have a tabA which pixekated when in use so i looked into some formums and it said that a good android tablet for the p4 was a lenovo tab 4 which pixulated aswell, so i decided to get an ipad air 2 which worked fine but i just dint get on with ios it basically locked me out of itself by asking me for a passcode which i never set up i did google this and its a problem with apple when asking users to update there software. Anyway ive spent a small fortune on a tab s3 and its terrible the camera is pixelated to the extent that its no good at all. im starting to lose interest in ghe drone. The only thing can think thats maybe my fault is ive put all my ols apps from my old tablet onto the tab s3 but surely it wouldnt lag like its doing would it.. would appreciate any help..
  2. Fly Dawg

    Apr 29, 2016
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    Watkinsville, Georgia
    Make sure you have all apps force stopped. Make sure you have "Developer Options" enabled and "USB Debugging" selected. Turn off wi-fi. and try again.
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