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  • dog where you been? only going to the competing msinger forum now? no more PPilots for you anymore? so many have left. :-(
    Do you have a link you can send me that has a "safe" version of "Phantom 3 Pro and Adv Firmware v1.11.30". I have been to a site that has a download available, but the site looks like one that MIGHT be suspicious. The name of the site is I am very cautious when pressing a "Download" button. Thanks! Ron
    Fly Dawg
    Fly Dawg
    Sure. Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. This is for the P3A. The P3P firmware is also available on the site as well.
    P3A Firmware
    How do you set them for 3 days auto discharge? I have been fully charging and then let them sit. I top them off before flying. I will set for 25% as low warning.
    Fly Dawg
    Fly Dawg
    You can change the discharge time within the Go App.
    Got your advice about storing batteries with 2 bars. How are you discharging them, or are you only recharging up to 2 bars after flights? I am using DJI charger
    Fly Dawg
    Fly Dawg
    It depends. Usually if I charge them for flight and end up not flying due to whatever reason, just let them self discharge ( I have them set for 3 days for Auto-Discharge) then just keep an eye on them every now and then if I don't fly for a while. If they are discharged after flight ( Which I set low battery for 25%) I never fly enough to get to Critical battery,btw. I just charge them to 2 bars.
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