virtual reality

  1. DeweyAXD

    Freefly VR Beyond - Phone Headset (really great for Litchi VR mode!)

    Just wanted to share this review on here with my fellow flyers. I was given a sample of Freefly's new VR headset for smartphone while chatting to the Freefly guys at the UK Drone Show recently. I was really impressed with it. I must admit I kinda dismissed VR headsets for phones in general...
  2. M_W

    VR with the P3S?

    The idea of using VR goggles with my Phantom 3 Standard sounds amazing, but I'm not sure how well it would work. From what I've read, all I would need is a third party app and a set of passive VR goggles. The P3S uses WiFi instead of Lightbridge, so latency could be an issue, but I think it...
  3. M

    VR goggles with Mavic Pro

    Goggles are no doubt the best FPV solution for flying a drone in strong daylight (rather than putting your head inside a big square sun-blocking box...). It is also more fun to use because the viewing angle is much larger. The current best solution (which I currently use with my Phantom) is a...
  4. Mako79

    Samsung Gear 360 on a P2VPlus for VR

    My spare P2 Vision Plus unit is now a Frankenstein ready for VR. It kinda looks like the first gen Vision non-plus with a golf ball camera. But look closely. Pictured is a Samsung Gear 360 mounted on a custom 1 axis gimbal for roll horizon stabilisation (I assume users get more sick from rocking...
  5. Mako79

    Nikon Keymission 360

    My next 360 Pr0n and Drone camera. Nikon announces a 360-degree action camera There is no pricing or specs yet. Looks like a Spring/Summer launch in the US. I was originally looking at the Kodak 360 4K on a modified H3-3D gimbal. To get the full 360, Kodak setup required 2 units mounted back to...
  6. Mako79

    First attempt at 360 spherical images

    First attempt. Google Maps Ingredients: 1 x P3A 1 x Litchi in Pano 1 x Autopano Giga 1 x Google Streets. And heaps of patience :)
  7. kontek

    Request For litchi to add a map with their VR mode. Your help needed

    Hi Guys, Im trying to request we get a map when in VR mode from litchi. For those of you that do not have litchi its a must app for android. check it out on the below link Litchi for DJI Phantom/Inspire Ecks from thir facebook page advised if there was a huge request litchi might consider it...