Released - Ultimate Flight V3 - now with orbit waypoints

Nov 20, 2014
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The major updates in this version is the new waypoint edits including drag-reorder, flick delete and much more.

Also in this release is the addition of an orbit waypoint; very similar to the current orbit mode but this is a type of waypoint. Place the waypoint as you would any waypoint, define the orbit radius, entry point, degrees of orbit (for example a 1/2 orbit) and that's it; the app does the rest for you.

Orbit waypoints support waypoint actions, same as other waypoints making them very powerful tool. For example, create an orbit waypoint and add actions to point the camera and take photos is an easy way to create an inward-pointing panorama.

In addition to the standard waypoint (the single point, fly to it waypoint) and the orbit waypoint, there is also a panorama waypoint which, with a single touch you can add a panorama operation mid mission.

Best explained with the video:

Also in this version is a feature I call "Maps on the Go" which is a feature that was created for environmental study customers of the app but with Google Earth even the casual user can create a map of a flight area, save it as a KMZ file and load the map as an overlay. Especially useful for remote areas where connections may not be to good and/or when your cached maps expire (or you forgot to cache your maps).

KML files are supported for missions as well.

This app is Android only; sorry.

Information on Map overlays: Overlays - Wiki

Read more about the app here: Wiki
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