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  1. cheddarman

    P3A will not "Follow Me"!

    Yesterday I practised POI's and Follow Me in a large field and all was well. Today however it just won't Follow Me. POI no problem! When I try Follow Me I get a message: Failed to enter Follow Me mode. Mission Conflict Confirm When I confirm it says switch back to "P" and try again - but it...
  2. tml4191

    The Notorious Lily Drone is Back Under A New Company!

    Newly Owned 2017 Lily Drone is Available to Buy! - WeTalkUAV
  3. X

    Does anyone have a solution yet?

    A solution for the phantom 4 not being able to fly full speed while using tracking mode. It's super annoying. Anything I want it to follow goes way faster than 20 mph. Thanks
  4. K

    "Follow Me" Mode on P4P?

    I just got my P4P and learning about the various functions. I see Active Trac but I don't how see to make it follow me unless I carry the controller. Am I mssing something here? Thanks
  5. ARPDP

    Follow Me

    Has anyone tested "follow me" mode? I tried it in versions 3.0.1 and up and it doesn't seem to work. Firmware is 1.8.10. Ideas?
  6. NorthcountySD

    Litchi Follow me for IOS...

    I do love Litchi.. Simple to use and a great learning tool... As discussed here many times setting up a mission and letting it go... losing contact and hearing it return is awesome. I would sure like to know if anyone knows....... is the Follow me for my Ipad and Iphone coming soon? Does...
  7. B

    Multiple Flight Mode switch doesn't show at all

    Dear All, I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and I was looking forward to test the intelligent flight modes such as the follow me and waypoint flight. But no matter how many guides I read or videos I watch I always find myself stuck on the same point: when I open the advanced options on...
  8. RGB_lights

    Follow Me Mode Voids your Phantom Warranty?!!! Wow, just Wow

    Had a fly-away crash with my Phantom 4. I sent it to DJI for evaluation of the logs and warranty repair. Backstory: Entering follow-me mode, my drone immediately took off sideways away from its current point and flew away until striking a tree well away from the open area I was flying. The...
  9. Gpanek

    Flyaway in "Follow me" mode

    I have a rather new P3A and was trying out the follow me mode, when the drone took off flying backwards. I hit the RTH button and it stopped and came back but I don't know what might have caused that. I was having difficulty reading the screen on my droid phone because of glare but I kept...
  10. B

    Speed Limit and Active Track Questions

    I've been trying to figure out what I can do with the DJI GO app before moving over to something like Litchi or Autopilot. I'm flying a P4 with the latest firmware and v2.8.0 of the GO app. I was using Follow-Me the other day flying over water and tracking a boat I was riding in. It's clear...
  11. C

    Critical Error During Flight

    Attempted to use the follow me function on P3S. While attempting several different times in different locations follow me follows for a few feet then stops. All lights go solid red on PS3 (critical error) and does not continue follow me. I can maintain normal flight control by flipping switch...
  12. Dangerous Dave

    Does Phantom 4 have; follow me, points of interest and point of interest?

    Hopefully not a dump question but I had though the features from the P3 were all carried over to the P4. I do not see where the Point of Interest feature is or say Waypoints or Follow me is enabled. Am I overlooking something?
  13. Ramphex

    WiFi iPad - GPS Misconception

    Guys, there's been some talk about this here recently and I don't know why but people are under the impression that the WiFi only iPads will not allow you to use "GPS features" such as follow me or updating the home point. Although it is true, WiFi models do NOT have a GPS module as the GPS...
  14. NotARubicon

    What external GPS are you using with your iPad?

    I have a wireless-only iPad and I'm getting tired of using my iPhone for "Follow Me" so I'm looking at getting an external GPS for the iPad that will work with Follow Me mode. My only requirements are that it's small, and preferably wireless. What external GPS are you using or do you...
  15. Jack Ley

    FPV Camera app and the P4

    Hi all, just so you know I went to several threads on this issue and none of them really covered my question... Ok then, I was researching the internet last night, trying to figure out how to incorporate my new VR goggles with my P3P and/or my P4. I stumbled across the FPV Camera app, and fell...
  16. AngryBird

    "Follow me" goes wrong.. (video)

    Hi all, Wanted to share this funny video, hope you`ll like it. (I have previously posted this video in P3S forum section, but just now find out there is this section where photos and videos should be shared)
  17. S

    Follow me mode failed

    Hi all, It sucks that my first post to this amazing resource concerns a P3A fail (I should really have posted sooner about all the stoke I've been having until about yesterday!). I've been enjoying my new P3A (except the photo quality which suuuucks because of the blurriness, but that's a...
  18. M

    Follow Me not following at all!

    Hi everyone, hoping someone can clear this up for me please. Some info: Fully updated P3P, batteries updated and charged, remote up to date also. Nexus 7 2013 (II) Marshmallow 6.0.1 DJI GO app V2.6.1 (202) 12+ satellites found. I've been sending the Phantom up over 10 metres, switching to F...
  19. Deep6

    Which Ipad to buy?

    Just got my new P3 pro for Xmas and was disappointed to find I couldn't use my old Ipad with the 30 pin... Currently squinting at my Iphone 6... Before I take the plunge into a new device, I want to make sure I am getting the right one, since I am buying it solely for use with my P3. I...
  20. X

    Aircraft lost control in follow me mode

    Hello guys, I've started a support ticket with DJI for this issue. But I was wondering if you guys know what happened ? Yesterday, I was trying the follow me mode on my P3P. I've started my flight in P-mode, then went to F-mode and waypoints (by mistake), i've canceled it and started the...