1. Sykhawk

    Using app with P4P+

    OK, so I'm massively disappointed after searching here and finding I can't use Litchi with my P4P Plus (the one with the fixed screen included). Disappointed, because I intend to use my drone commercially, and the waypoint function in Litchi is obviously a big advantage. But c'est la vie...
  2. New Phantom Owner

    Attention Litchi Users!

    Litchi pilots please help! I have a P3S with an antenna mod. Following enthusiastic recommendation I have recently installed Litchi on my Samsung Galaxy S7 for use with my P3S. So far I have only used the VR FPV mode. Very neat to say the least. Surprisingly high resolution. So I'm now doing...
  3. Steve_in_NJ

    Litchi missions over mountains - use google earth or Litchi alone?

    For some time now I have been using google earth to lay out Litchi missions that involve flying around mountains, or anywhere else that involves big changes in elevation. Now I see that Litchi has an "above ground" checkbox option that appears to do the same thing - set the height AGL based on...
  4. R

    Litchi waypoint question.

    How can I have my bird begin a waypoint mission pointed in a specific direction before it starts the mission. I set a POI. I want my bird to go to the first waypoint and start the mission facing the POI. I want it to fly away from the POI and climb to a specified altitude. Currently, my bird...
  5. Araya38

    Litchi Mission Hub

    Hey guys, have any of you tried to create a mission lately in the Litchi mission hub? I cannot get it to work. When I click on a waypoint the box that is supposed to pop up to let you make changes to that waypoint does not come up for me. I cannot change or even set the height. If I go into...
  6. J

    Any Dummy Can Fly a Drone

    For Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its...
  7. M

    Litchi interpolation help!!

    I've searched many times using different ways of explaining my problem but can't find an answer. I'm pretty sure I understand how it works BUT... Every time I change the gimble angle on interpolation and create a new waypoint, or press next waypoint, or just click the next waypoint, the angle...
  8. embayweather

    Pilot timepost

    I have always piloted my drone myself, I have never let Litchi or similar control it through waypoints or preprogrammed paths. It goat me to wondering if I am abnormal. Many pilots post how many hours a they have been flying, usually much more than myself. It would be interesting to know what...
  9. R

    Trying to get smooth speed transitions. 1 mph?

    I am a bit new to Litchi, but must say that I am enjoying it so far. What I am trying to do is get smooth speed acceleration and deceleration from certain way points. Example, I would like waypoint 1 to start off slowly and gain speed to its cruising speed of 10 miles an hour gradually. Then...
  10. P

    Waypoints in-flight recording on Litchi

    Hello friends, I have a couple of questions on how Litchi works with Waypoints recording. I mean flying the drone at-place, adjusting the gimbal and recording the waypoint there for you to come back later and do the mission. 1. Does Litchi record X,Y,Z parameters with "actual" altitude? I...
  11. R

    Waypoint through tight spots

    I have the Phantom 3 Advanced. Has anyone tried using the waypoint feature through tight spots? Spots that are 15-20 feet in width? I have a client that wants aerial shots of his commercial property, but the property is surrounded by trees. Has anyone tried using the P3 through the woods or...
  12. Jollino

    Creating flight plan or setting wayponts for manual flight? (DJI Go)

    Hello everyone. :) I've been flying more (and I feel much more confident than I was at first, thank you again for all the help and suggestions) and I was wondering: is there any way to mark a flight plan or waypoints in the DJI Go app for manual flight? I apologize if this was asked before, I...
  13. T

    How open mission for different location?

    Hello! I make hard mission for one place, i want use my mission in different location with Android, without PC/Mac. How hack it? thank you
  14. Billy Banana

    I cannot fly a waypoint mission using Litchi

    Hello, I am using the Litchi app on my Ellipsis 8 tablet. I cannot get it to fly a waypoint mission. I do what I think is all I have to do and then the screen says it is downloading but the progress never goes above 0% and the craft sits waiting and goes no where. Anyone have any ideas as to...
  15. C

    Standard Litchi Tracking Accuracy

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and a new Drone Pilot (of sorts). I have the Litchi app which has tracking features that I wanted that DJI doesn't have. In setting up some simple tracks, I have found the drone follows them fine, what I am having issues with is the accuracy of the maps used for...
  16. D

    Stop on waypoints

    I have a question about the waypoints because if i want to take an air photo on each point that I established on the route to have the same view I would use route navigation. The thing is how can I make the p4 stop on each of this points in order to have the same view to make it easier to take...
  17. S

    Litchi - one waypoint - multiple POI

    Hi there. I am new to the software and need some help. I am using the Litchi Mission hub website. I have one waypoint location I have identified on the map. I have 6 POI's. I would like to tell the drone to fly to the way point, point to POI 1 - take a photo, point to POI2, take a photo, etc...
  18. J

    Litchi: Out of Range Tilt Camera Action

    Hello, I have a Phantom 3 Standard. I have flown a few out of range missions with Litchi. The drone points in the direction but does not point camera down. I understand the app cannot angle the gimbal if the drone is out of range. From my understanding, after reading many threads on the topic...
  19. Member

    Litchi CSV to KML tool

    Google Earth is a quick and efficient tool to boostrap Litchi waypoint missions. Just draw different paths with an altitude relative to the ground, save to a .KML file, import to Litchi and you're done! At least apart from the cinematic stuff like POIs, curves, heading, camera... But often you...
  20. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Cable cam panning shots

    I did a short video showing how to get great panning shots with smooth movement Litchi does have record waypoint feature I discovered after filming these videos Touching drone icon on map records that position