1. New Phantom Owner

    Attention Litchi Users!

    Litchi pilots please help! I have a P3S with an antenna mod. Following enthusiastic recommendation I have recently installed Litchi on my Samsung Galaxy S7 for use with my P3S. So far I have only used the VR FPV mode. Very neat to say the least. Surprisingly high resolution. So I'm now doing...
  2. NorthcountySD

    Litchi Follow me for IOS...

    I do love Litchi.. Simple to use and a great learning tool... As discussed here many times setting up a mission and letting it go... losing contact and hearing it return is awesome. I would sure like to know if anyone knows....... is the Follow me for my Ipad and Iphone coming soon? Does...
  3. P

    Follow-me Mode Signal

    Relatively new P3 Pro 4K. Everything seems to function just fine, with one exception. I have an iPad, an iPad Mini and an Android phone. All three have DJI GO app. I can get the P3 Pro to Follow-me on the Android, but on both the iPad devices when I apply, a notice on the upper left of the...
  4. K

    Following SpeedBoat

    P4 rocks
  5. A-P

    ACTIVE Tracking QUESTION (with video)

    Have you noticed a green arrow pointing to either left or right when Active Tracking is engaged? What does that arrow mean or point to?!? You can see that in this video (from 2:05 to 2:17):
  6. Jack Ley

    Autopilot app, autoflight logic

    Has anybody tried the Autopilot app yet? I downloaded it last week, and got to try it out for the first time yesterday, I LOVE IT!! I have a lot to learn about it, I only did the follow and orbit, but it worked perfectly, plus there are all kinds of tutorial videos in-app to watch before your...
  7. Richard W

    Gimbal mode of operation ... confused

    Just as a background info, my new P3A came with some minor, I hope, gimbal issue right out of the box. Some more info here ... Camera Angled. | DJI Phantom Forum My question is about FOLLOW vs FPV gimbal mode. I am not able to notice any difference in operation between these two modes. The...
  8. K

    Released - Ultimate Flight V3 - now with orbit waypoints

    The major updates in this version is the new waypoint edits including drag-reorder, flick delete and much more. Also in this release is the addition of an orbit waypoint; very similar to the current orbit mode but this is a type of waypoint. Place the waypoint as you would any waypoint, define...