pulsating gimbal jitter resulting in jello

Nov 10, 2013
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Germany - Darmstadt
My Phantom3 gimbal produces a pulsating noise when you tilt the Gimbal. This noise appears like every 2 secs. I discovered that i will get a jello effect in the video afterwards exactly when this noise appears.
Several other ppl are affected by this problem as well in other forums and it obviously kills the video footage.

Now you can "mask" this jello a bit by reducing the shutterspeed which is normal but you can still recognize it in a blurriness every two secs. I dont think this is acceptable because there are obviously P3 out there without that problem. The paradox and "sad" thing here is that my P3 arrived from service center with that problem. the scratching motor i had out of the box was not repaired from DJI, they just made a testflight and send it back after two weeks. This is fine and i dont care about that scratching anymore. They obviously thought its not bad for the quad. I dont know what i should think about this.

Now the gimbal is my main problem and as i said above this pulsating jello effect is not caused by prop vibrations, motor vibrations etc.. It is there on the ground without starting the motors.

What do you guys think about this, should i contact the service again or maybe your P3 suffering the same symptoms? It would be nice about some feedback from you, maybe this is normal ? I dont know what to do next since they already had my P3. And of course there is no foam left, suprisingly i received the P3 with a poorly attached gimbal protection from the service center. It was correctly installed when i received it all the way from china.

Another strange thing was that i received absolutely no emails from DJI at all. The last email i got from them was "send it in together with the RMA formular" and thats about it. After 2 weeks the UPS guy came and brought the Phantom3. Luckily i was at home that day. No status emails, no mails from UPS etc..

the pulsating noise starts at 0:41

scratching motor was hard for me to record without an external mic. I guess you have to use headphones and increase volume
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