P4P video glitches - artificating at 4K 30p H.265

Dec 4, 2016
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Dear all,

Today I went out to fly the Phantom 4 Pro at a lovely location where a well restored old windmill sits in the countryside with the intention of doing some footage. At first everything seemed okay but, later, I completely lost all connection to the aircraft when I was doing a point of interest circle around a couple of isolated trees surrounded with sheep (seemed to coincide with a light aircraft going almost directly overhead). I rebooted the controller and the app separately, eventually getting connection back to the aircraft. However, after this, it seems that my footage during recording started to show intermittent artifacts which was very annoying as it spoiled some otherwise good "passes" that I made past a few features on the landscape. I cannot for sure confirm whether this disconnection to the aircraft was a contributing factor to the footage issues I was experiencing. There were no birds attacking the craft/ interfering with it, but I was wondering if interference from some source or other technical issue (like the firmware) could be causing it. Unsure.

Has anyone been experiencing any recording issues using the H.265 codec which shows artifacting every now and again and, if so, what did you do to overcome this issue? (e.g. reinstall the app? Is it something else, like banking / yawing the aircraft too quickly in turns?) I am hoping that this is not a technical issue, but what I can say is that I have only noticed it today. My card of choice is a Sandisk Extreme or Extreme Pro 64Gb, video settings 4K 30p, H.265 codec, and just regular camera settings other than that (I can't be bothered wasting time colour correcting video, so I use the best white balance settings I can use at the time, ND or polarising filters).

Thank you,


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