1. tml4191

    How Do You Edit HEVC / H.265 Files Smoothly?

    I've found that vegas 14 lags when handling HEVC /h.265 files from my p4a, but it's fine with h.264 files regardless of mp4 or mov formats. If I were to convert my h.265 footage for easier editing, what's a recommended converter? I'd still be looking to color correct my footage though. For the...
  2. Mindflights

    H.265 with D-Log results in serious banding, watch the video.

    Comparison footage of DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO's camera using codecs H.265 and H.264 in D-Log. DO NOT USE H.265 with D-Log because serious banding occurs in large areas with the same color like blue skies, etc. ALWAYS USE H.264 for D-Log. Tested with the latest firmware update - April 2017. ISO...
  3. T

    Problem with h.265 footage - "broken GOP"?

    I'm flying a new Phantom 4 Pro+. Yesterday I shot some footage using H.265. I soon discovered that actually viewing the resulting footage is not so easy on a Mac. I tried VLC but it just shows a still frame. Scratch freezes. I gave up and decided to convert the footage to ProRes 422 using...
  4. Nowelly

    P4P video glitches - artificating at 4K 30p H.265

    Dear all, Today I went out to fly the Phantom 4 Pro at a lovely location where a well restored old windmill sits in the countryside with the intention of doing some footage. At first everything seemed okay but, later, I completely lost all connection to the aircraft when I was doing a point of...
  5. Q

    Bitrate calculations and implications for best quality

    The P4P uses the following bitrates to record at the various resolutions for H.264 and H.265. H.265 C4K:4096×2160 24/25/30p @100Mbps 4K:3840×2160 24/25/30p @100Mbps 2.7K:2720×1530 24/25/30p @65Mbps 2.7K:2720×1530 48/50/60p @80Mbps FHD:1920×1080 24/25/30p @50Mbps FHD:1920×1080 48/50/60p @65Mbps...
  6. J

    Canyon Trees - 4k Test with new P4P+

    Wanted to test my 4K workflow and the dlog settings with h.265 format. Here was the end result.
  7. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Pro h.265 + Sony Vegas Pro 14?

    How are h.265 files in Sony's Vegas Pro 14? Does Sony have a lens profile for the p4p in case I need it?