phantom 4 pro bad video

  1. jkcproject

    Need Help Please: Perimeters Need Adjusting...How>?

    Hi there, I'm in a panic! I have a new Phantom 4 Pro - PLUS I'm fairly new to Adobe Premiere Pro. Have only used it to make a few home movies. Could someone please look over these stats and tell me what the heck I'm doing wrong?? So frustrated!!! ISO - 800 Shutter - 25 Focal - 2.8 EV - 0.0...
  2. Nowelly

    P4P video glitches - artificating at 4K 30p H.265

    Dear all, Today I went out to fly the Phantom 4 Pro at a lovely location where a well restored old windmill sits in the countryside with the intention of doing some footage. At first everything seemed okay but, later, I completely lost all connection to the aircraft when I was doing a point of...
  3. J

    Very disappointing video quality - straight out of the box...??

    Hi, Just got my P4P - which will replace my P4. I took it for a first flight - with camera set on auto - and was surprised to see that: Video is not in any way as sharp as it was in my P4 Contrast is heavy, so light areas are overexposed a bit and dark areas are without details, just too dark...