1. B

    [Phantom 3 Standard] Quality Issue - Help wanted

    Hi everyone, Been reading up on P3S quality debate (D-log, bitrate, etc.) but I can't seem to get anything decent out of my camera. Below a few screenshots. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know. D-LOG | 2.7K | 30fps | -1, -1, -1 Ungraded Screencap Graded Screencap Is this the normal...
  2. Nowelly

    P4P video glitches - artificating at 4K 30p H.265

    Dear all, Today I went out to fly the Phantom 4 Pro at a lovely location where a well restored old windmill sits in the countryside with the intention of doing some footage. At first everything seemed okay but, later, I completely lost all connection to the aircraft when I was doing a point of...
  3. dangerd

    Sparkle in Video (Compression problem?) NOW WITH PHOTOS! Best settings to avoid?

    Shooting lately I noticed that there is "sparkle" in some of the shots, in the dark areas near high contrast. A short video example of the problem down sampled to 1080 View or download The shots I am showing below: settings were: 4K 30p shutter 60, D-Log style settings @ -2/-1/-1 using a ND...