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Jun 8, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I’ve had my Phantom 4 pro for some time and never had an issue with it although I haven’t used it a huge amount, it’s been stored since I used it last in my wardrobe in its case with the gimbal and propellers covered. On getting out today the video is extremely patchy/glitchy but the camera is perfectly fine when switching to take a still image.

I’ve had a good look around online and done a few things:

I’ve updated to the most recent firmware
Reset the camera
Removed the SD card
Checked the footage on the SD card and it’s the same as what has been recorded on my phone
Calibrated the camera
Cleaned the lens

The drone flys fine and does everything it should except the video mode on the camera is as per the image below. Changing settings doesn’t seem to make any difference either. I did see a post on another forum where replacing the ribbon cable between the camera and drone fixed a similar issue but that’s all I’ve managed to find. Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to get it repaired?

Any input/advice would be appreciated.



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Have you tryed different recording frames per second or all same results,dont need to fly to test,just hit record and go through the different settings to find no freezing or pink screen,what's transmission channels doin,they auto search but might be stable on a custom channel
You mention sd card,have you tryed another to eliminate
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Thanks for the reply, it’s the same with or without the card (on the preview screen) but only when trying to record video which is why I didn’t think it was due to transmission or the SD card.

I will try everything above however to eliminate the possibility - DJI have suggested reinstalling the app and asked me to send them the video which I’ll do also.

The more I’ve read the more I’m leaning towards it being a hardware problem- I’m hoping just a cable and not a failed card. I’ve ordered a new flexible ribbon cable and will take the unit apart and replace it when it arrives - I was tempted to take it apart yesterday and check all the contacts but for the sake of waiting a few days for the new cable I think I will.
Always start simple first before pulling apart and yes transmission channel and not a fast enough reading sd card can cause this,since no sd card and it's the same ,I'd be in transmission channels and camera recording frame speed... sd cards can go bad as to why I suggest just trying another,reinstalling app might work ,if everything is normal apart from video it's not a hardware issue or there be more goin on ,,yeh check the transmission channels, personally I dont think it's a ribbon cable and hope more chime in with ideas so we get you sorted 👍
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Tried changing channels and also swapping between 2.4ghz and 5ghz - neither of which made a difference.

It’s the same with the SD card completely removed as it is when it’s in, I’ll try another card though later just to be sure.

I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the app which again hasn’t made any difference.

I’ve taken more images and also screen shots of my phone when using it for comparison (apologies for the photos of my foot in advance 😅)

Screenshot from my phone when taking a still:
Followed by a screenshot when on video:
Ah ok,I see your on 4k at 30fps,have you tryed others to see if changes or is that what you refer to in first post where says changing setting,I circle what your current recording is on.
It seems like the video transmission to your phone is fine. Surely this points to how the Drone is writing to the storage medium. I don't see how it can be the ribbon cable if the camera is transmitting to your phone ok. I would investigate the sd slot and card.
PAL and NTSC have given me a few issues with SD card playback on different devices for eg. Laptop, PC and Tablet.
Thanks for the reply, I’m away this weekend (was hoping to bring the drone and get some footage but nevermind). I’m off work for a couple of days at the beginning of next week so will have a really good play around with the settings/sd card.
I’ve updated to the most recent firmware
Perhaps you have incompatible firmware versions on the drone and remote controller.

If your drone has firmware version 01.04.0602 or newer, your remote controller should have firmware version or newer.

Download and read the Release Notes (2017-06-08):
I had sparkles all over my video and prints.
When you have a lot of artifacts in the picture or video that's usually the ribbon cable.
Yours seems to be another problem, I wish you the best.
Thanks for all the replies, I’ve tried everything suggested and by altering the settings the problem has improved somewhat but there are still artefacts and glitching between frames when in video mode.

Here’s the versions of all the firmware/software and everything seems upto date.


It’s almost useable in 4k at 25fps when set to PAL.

I may just replace the ribbon cable just to rule it out.
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help, I replaced the ribbon cable this morning and both still images and video appear to be working fine on initial testing.

As I was taking the old cable off the bracket which attaches the gimbal to the drone it tore in my hand where it was attached, must just be wear and tear from the camera moving that caused it to start to break down it probably wouldn’t have been long until I had issues taking photos as well.


Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the drone for a while now without any more problems.

Although I’ll have to try and remember where all the leftover screws go first (oops!)

Thanks again,
Well didn't expect that to be honest but glad you fixed it,and good stuff for getting in there and showing it who the boss is 👌
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Really appreciate all the input from everyone, certainly allowed me to rule out lots of potential problems and I’ve learned more about the drone and how it works in the process - also it’s nice to feel like you have the support of a community and not just trying to figure things out on your own.

I’ll hopefully be able to post some flying videos/photos from around the UK on here before too long, I’ll need to get a few practice flights in though before I do though.

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