P4 lost in Zürich, Switzerland

Jun 1, 2016
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I lost my precious P4 today... I always took good care of it, it didn't have a scratch... and now it just left and never returned :(

All I have is the flight mission in litchi --> Mission Hub - Litchi
connection to the RC was lost already at around waypoint 2, so I have no clue where exactly it went down.
At 30km/h its about a 15min flight, mostly above water. with >30m height at all times there is no way it could have hit a tree. My suspicion is that maybe somewhere between the waypoints 8-13 some stupid construction crane was in the flight path. Also between 12 and 13 it was flying over the very busy main train station. Maybe the high voltage lines messed up something... but at 45m height, I cant believe it...

Stupidly, I forgot to attach a sticker with my name and phone number, so even if it didn't drown in the river, theres no way a friendly person finding it could contact me :(
What can I do? I was flying at sunset to get good lighting, there was no point in searching around after sunset. I guess its gone for good now.
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maybe i could increase the altitude by 10 meters for all points and ask a friend to fly the path again tomorrow, to check in the footage if there is something. but the risk is he might lose his drone as well :/ and its such a heavily populated area, if it came down anywhere I am sure someone moved it away already.
Lucky me! 2 months later, I received a message from the lost&found office. My P4 is back! And in perfect shape.
I checked the video footage and still can't figure out what the heck happened, it flew almost the whole path perfectly, although the alitude was super low, it nearly crashed into stuff a dozen of times... That was really poor planning from my side. Probably got too close to a high power line of a bridge for trains and just shut down there or something.. but no physical damage. I have yet to try flying it again but it seems ok.

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