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  1. S

    Problem with Phantom 4 RTK Flight Plan

    Good Day Everyone. I rented a Phantom 4 RTK drone to make maps for the Agras T20 spraying drone. I was able to map a couple fields with no problem. Now I am having an issue where the Drone will fly to the start of the flight path but does not start the path. It just hovers at the start until...
  2. Wjm

    Ogoz Island - Switzerland

    The island of Ogoz is an island in the canton of Fribourg, on Lake Gruyère. It has ruined castles. When the waters of the lake are low, which is usually the case during the spring, the island becomes accessible by foot, so it becomes temporarily a peninsula.
  3. T

    Urgent help. APP DJI disconnected

    Goodnight. I don't know if it is allowed here, but I WILL QUOTE A PROBLEM I am having with my ADVANCED Phantom 4. Without any previous problem, my Phantom 4 ADVANCED does not turn on the DJI GO 4 APP or the LITCH (original). The Control is connected to the DRONE, executes all commands, turns...
  4. W

    What to buy to replace Phantom 3 Standard

    Hi, My Phantom 3 (Standard) is coming to the end of it's useful life - and I'm keen to get something with a higher quality camera. I've been out of the loop for a while and noticed that Phantom 4 is discontinued, and still no word on Phantom 5 (as far as I can see!) I primarily use the drone...
  5. Yooper

    Phantom 4 Pro (New)

    I have Brand New DJI Phantom 4 Pro for sale: I had this for sale earlier for $1300.00 but as of middle of July, the drone is totaled. It dropped from 100'. I decided to send it in to DJI to get a quote on replacing it. I am selling for $1000.00. They sent me the quote and I told them to go for...
  6. S

    drone flight calculations

    Please i have a client who has interest in mapping, surveying and fly through animation for a state EXPO, something like DUBAI EXPO 2020, he knows the maximum height for drone regulations is 400ft but he wants to know what the PHANTOM 4proV2.0 will capture at that height in terms of hectares of...
  7. M

    Phantom 4 Pro+ hardly used FS

    Originally planned to use this for taking video of properties and monitoring our farm. However, ive put maybe an hour of flight time on it in a year and it deserves a better home. In basically new condition, never crashed, comes with the following. Original carrying case the Manfrotto backpack...
  8. G

    Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro Black edition Image color difference

    Hello to everyone, I have 1 Phantom 4 and 1 Phantom 4 Pro Black Edition drone. I am using with automatic flight program. But there is a color difference between the photos taken by 2 drones. Phantom 4 Pro Black edition makes it very bright. Phantom 4 makes it lifelike. What can I do about this...
  9. Drone Master

    Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 Is Back In Stock!

    It’s officially back up in the DJI store!
  10. K

    Camera is shaking please help

    Hey guys ive got a phantom 4 and when i start it up the camera points down then goes to come up but start bobbing like a bobble head uncontrollably i can still fly it fine but the camera is horrendous ?
  11. G

    Florida Drone Sale - Phantom 4, 4 Pro, Controllers, and Batteries

    I'm based out of Gainesville, FL and am looking to sell a few drones, controllers, and parts. If you're local I'll give you a flying lesson if you want one, and you won't have to pay shipping. If you're not local, I'm happy to ship. I'm always looking to buy crashed or damaged drones in any...
  12. NomadJer

    Saving Cached Phantom Videos to ipad - PLEASE HELP!

    So, I was just recently made aware that you can record Audio from the I pad while filming with the Phantom4 Pro V2, but in order to get that footage to the computer with audio attached you need to save the cashed file to the ipad and then transfer to computer. (if you just take the sd card out...
  13. 4BF3FFBA-BF7D-4876-BF26-42EB5D9FEC33.jpeg


    Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 peaceful night
  14. T

    Cable phantom 4

    Hi guys I want to buy my first drone. I found someone who is selling his phantom 4, but i have my doubts. One of the cable is loose (see picture). What is/was the purpose of this cable. Is there a problem with the drone? Should i buy it or not? Thanks
  15. J

    Multispectral cameras

    Hi Forum, I'm interested to see if anyone is using multispectral cameras like the Mapir range to inspect structures and antennas. Possible applications might be corrosion mapping, paint thickness mapping, fatigue crack mapping, antenna heat, antenna EMR, concrete crack mapping, etc. Let me...
  16. V

    Phantom 4 pro obsidian Sd card issue

    So I just got my brand new phantom 4 obisidian. I know it records 4k at 100mbs but do i need a 100mbs sd card. When I record in 4k with a sandisk extreme plus that can only do 60mbs i have noticed that my videos are garbage, not sharp really at all unless i fly really close to something but...
  17. therealdanielwhite

    DJI Phantom 4 FOR SALE!! Excellent Condition

    Dji Phantom 4 with extras FOR SALE!!! Up for sale is my dji phantom 4 4k drone. I purchased the drone for around $1100 brand new. Drone is in excellent condition with no signs of wear at all or any damage. What is included? -Original drone box -Drone -Remote -All original manuals -Battery...
  18. M

    Cleaning Dirty Lense Phantom 4

    I recently cleaned out my prop motors and gimbal on my Phantom 4 because I was forced to land on a dirt path and it felt like there was dirt grinding around when I moved the gimbal up and down. I contacted a drone repair store and asked how to safely clean the gimbal. He suggested I rinse it...
  19. axbagus

    Phantom 4 Battery need info

    Hi guys How are u all today . I have question .. About P4 battery . as usual battery are Hot after flight with 35-40% Battery remaining, but i saw battery in the midle one are swelling, i can see from hole at side of the battery, The center hole is narrowed , and 2 other vent hole i can see...
  20. Helihover

    Steelhead Fishing in Oregon

    Really liking this vid... Its a bit different than most I make, and I think there are some cool shots in the video. I still can’t believe that almost 3 years later I’m still flying the same faithful drone, and still getting great footage. I really do want a smaller more portable drone for my...