No camera connection, no satellites

Apr 11, 2015
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Zimmerman Mn
For the last three weeks, I've been flying without the camera to learn.

This weekend, I installed the camera, gimbal saver, carbon fiber camera protector and ready to go.

Problem is that the camera (power light on) does not connect to iPhone 6, and unit will not connect to satellites.

The display on the phone shows wifi connected and battery life of wifi extender so I know it's connected.

The problem will be in the connections for those three cables.
Get something like a pair of bent tweezers and unplug them and reseat them.
I've done that twice, no camera. Rear flight indicater lights just slow flash yellow. Upon power-up, fronts flash red-green-yellow twice then out.
So I unplugged the camera, and still no GPS lock, and lights flash red if I try to start the motors. All software is updated. Really wanted to use the camera for the first time on an inspection tomorrow.

Last time I flew it everything worked fine.

Really need help!
Found the camera binding procedure on Drones Made Easy and that took care of the camera.

Now I still can't get satellites...
Can you start the phantom? If the props spin it means the gps module is seated and not dead. This means the ceramic puck could be cracked and not picking up sats.
check the gps plug under top cover make sure it is solid into it socket. They can get loose and then you have exactly your situation.

if that is good then like Mako said check the antenna under the foil shield, you will need to take it off to look
Gps plug is a 4pin cable. Its the only one that is attached to the top shell. The v3 has revised the cable and should sit firm. If you have the v2 or v1, use some tape around the connector or something like a wedge to keep the gps plugged firmly.

Anyways while you have the top off, check the puck and see if its been compromised.

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