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need help installing FPV monitor to Futaba T8J

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by havasuphoto, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. havasuphoto

    Nov 23, 2013
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    Lake Havasu, AZ
    I purchased this setup here;http://www.centuryheli.com/products/productdetail.htm?prtnm=HWC2033&pageid=425
    And the TX was installed at the shop. It works, and it works great.
    The problem is, you can't find a manual on how to mount this monitor onto a Futaba 8J TX anywhere on the internet!!

    I have a "bag o parts"...some carbon fiber plates, misc screws, etc, with no clue on how to mount it. It really pisses me off, to finally get my Phantom and Futaba controller, all assembled, and working-but now I run into this problem, with NO INSTRUCTIONS!!
    I flew the phantom, and had the monitor just lying next to me on the chair-I could see it working, and my OSD was also working.

    But, I need to have it mounted to the remote.

    I've looked at the pictures on the site-but still have no clue
    {Solved-Turn On Gimbal in Naza-M Assistang}Another issue I have is my Zenmuse Gimbal doesn't work.....just flops around on it's own. I have it mounted properly with the go pro 3 attached...but i got nothing. I'm going to hook up the computer tomorrow, and see if maybe I have to enable it in the software. It was also installed by Heli-world, and everything was supposed to be flight tested......{solved}

    First flight went smooth. I just flew around my backyard for a bit.....but I really want to get this monitor mounted!! Any help on mounting the monitor would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Zenmous Gimbal problem solved-you have to turn it on in the Naza-M software. The ship in the Off position.
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