Motor and GPS replacements

Apr 20, 2015
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Hey guys,
I'm just got my first phantom the FC40, i picked it up used off of craigslist for a very cheap price.
I'm sorta feeling the waters here with the hobby, not sure if it is something i want to get into or just a one time fling.
so i knowingly bought the FC40 with a "bad" GPS, and slightly damaged Motor. the motor works fine, but wobbles a little and the threading are a little torn up.
The Seller said he couldn't get the GPS to work. I went through the steps of Configuring it through Software, and through the Controller " flick the switch 6ish times" pivot and turn on the axis. it seemed to have worked, the green light would come on and all was well. but when i power it down the error comes back, "blinking red and yellow" and the error pops up on the software. (i forget what it is atm, will update later"

so what im looking to do is replace both the motor and the GPS and was wondering where would be the best place to go. i already contacted DJI and they simply told me to find a retailer/ store for it.

thank you for your help
You should be able to find those parts on Amazon or eBay.
Before you go ordering an expensive GPS, you should do a couple of things:
1. Check the connections inside. Make sure the compass (on the leg) is plugged in to the GPS (on top of lid), and that that is plugged into the Naza okay.
2. Plug the USB cord into a computer and run the Naza Assistant software. See if there are any messages. Also click on the "Upgrade" screen and check the listing of components. You should see at least Main Controller, GPS, and Receiver listed.
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Hey guys thanks for the Great responses, I started another thread in the FC40 section of the forum, with my GPS issues. thank you for the links
If the motor is wobbling then its got a bent shaft. and the threads being beat up is also indication thats it had a hard crash on its top side. Which will usually also bust the ceramic antenna on the gps unit in the top of the shell.

Tho its real easy to tell if its busted just by taking out the gps unit and looking at the square ceramic antenna if its all shattered or cracked its pretty easy to see. Tho you need to unscrew the screws that hold the gps to the top of the shell to be able to see the antenna on it.

But if you are able to solder not only is it a heck of a lot cheaper to get a new replacement ceramic antenna and just solder it back in place of the busted on conpaired to the cost of an entire whole new gps module. The replacement after market antennas also are much better and you will get a faster gps lock and some times even get more satellites. Even if in side a building. and another added + is that they are also 2x as thick of a pcs of ceramic then the stock ones and they are substantially stronger then the stock ones so much less likely to break again if you happen to ever have an up side down crash.

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