Mar 14, 2018
I am starting this new thread since there are a lot of people with this same error but nobody has found a fix as of May 2018. I am hoping we can put our heads together and find a solution. I have posted on a couple other threads but starting a new on here specifically for this exact error. I have a P3 Standard but it could apply to others as well.

My Bird: Phantom 3 Standard / stock
The Problem: NO Live Video feed
The Error in the DJI App: "Image Transmission Signal Weak
Scenario in my case.
  • Everything else works 100% all the way to Ready to Fly, except i have no live video feed and get the error message above.
  • Camera moves, records images save to the SD card. Everything....but no live video feed.
  • Motors start up
  • It does not drop after a certain distance as i see others have posted, this happens as soon as i start up before taking off. Black cam out of the gate.

Things i have done/tried with the same result:
  • Calibrations IMU, Gimbal done.
  • Relink the controller
  • Tried a different controller
  • Change to a different camera head ( in case it was the board behind the camera).
  • Relink the WiFi downlink
  • Swap out the Black patch antenna since i think that controls video.
  • Brand new SD card. Tried with and without it.
  • Swapped out main gimbal board.
  • Put whole cam/gimbal in different bird that i know works.
What is left now with all that ruled out? Not the bird, firmware or the controller since i put in a totally different bird with exact same result. Has to be somewhere within the cam itself. Ribbon cable ? Not sure what circuit boards if any control the live video feed.

Any advice or things to try that i have missed would be really appreciated. I would like to get this fixed by this weekend so i can fly .

Thank you
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Mar 14, 2018
Image Transmission Signal Weak error and fix.
I fought with this one a few times. Here are my findings.
First try to reclibrate the IMU and Relink RC from within the app. Just to make sure that is covered. But this is what i just figured out today by trial and error after a Firmware update failed at 98%. I had no choice but to bail on it.

It started to update then just stuck at 98% . Anyway i shut it all down let it cool...and fired back up again 2 more times. The key is to WAIT it out let the bird finish that update if you have to try over and over again. I just let mine sit the second time for about 15 minutes connected doing nothing, same error above appeared on the screen.. App open just sitting there.

Came back 15 minutes later...GREEN across the board READY TO FLY could not believe it. Fixed it by just waiting.
Hope this helps someone else if so let me know.

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