Hovers 4 minutes before settling in :(

Sep 13, 2018
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This happened to me and my Spark July 13 2018..........dji said it was my fault....i watched that spark hover 4 minutes 25 feet away from me until the battery expired and it went in the water...i would have video it going in...but my cell phone was busy in the RC running the buggy go 4 app...trying desperate to get it back....have a more detailed look....DJI said we will offer you a mercy 15% off...so i bought one for 275.00.....now they are buying back used ones in good condition for 108.00....smh...the greed is shameful with this company.

kowal63 Posted at 2018-7-13 07:03
spark geofence error


Wow! wow! wow! What a fight!

Let me re-enact last 3.5 minutes of your Spark's life:
9m 59 sec – Return home warning – battery low

10m 2 sec – you stop flying.

10m 9 sec – drone starts automatic RTH sequence tripped by low battery power. This is correct action.

10m 12 sec – automatic heading alignment in the direction of home point is completed – drone starts flying back but skims along geo-fence unable to penetrate it. It is not flying in the direction it is pointing to (home point) but rather along the geo-fence getting closer to home.

This is bad but consistent with behaviour observed in case Almost had a fly away

You are not providing any stick input – just waiting for Spark to do its job.

11m 21 sec – Spark is near closest point to home on the other side of the fence – its further progress along the fence would only take it further away. So it stops.

11m 22 sec – You switch to Sport mode thus cancelling RTH (which was useless anyways) but you do not touch sticks. Nothing happens since nothing can happen.

11m 24 sec – Spark initiates auto-landing due to critical battery level. Altitude 45 metres. You are not touching your sticks.

11m 28 sec – You start turning camera down – but still no directional input for drone.

11m 33 sec – Finally you decide to take control and start flying Spark – you cannot get through geo-fence – your actions are chaotic – Spark is going down.

11m 41 sec – You give up. Spark is 17 metres above water and landing with speed about 1 m/s.

11m 46 sec – You direct Spark to fly up. It obeys. You do it for half a second only and than watch in horror as Spark continues is journey down.

Few more chaotic stick movements follow but Spark is pretty much stuck and going down.

12 m 11 sec – 5 metres above water. You attempt to raise the elevation and you succeed. Battery is down to 6%

13 m 22 sec – You got Spark 53 metres up, you are facing roughly good direction and you are trying like crazy to fly home. Geo-fence stops you. Battery level is 0%. Doom is almost inevitable.

13m 31 sec – forced landing due to no power left.

Your Spark sinks while your right thumb is on full throttle forward in your direction but Spark is being stopped by geo-fence.

This was extremely well done and good fight. Congratulations!

I suspect that had you hit RTH again while Spark was stuck at the fence - it would have flown through it as was in case of 62+. However, I do not know for sure since 62+ case was slightly different - his geo-fence was not enforced airport geo-fence but rather geo-fence he set himself by setting max flight distance in DJI GO App. I strongly suspect that behaviour would be the same (that is - success) but I am not sure.

If you have warranty I would be very surprised if DJI would not honor it.

This is very clearly DJI design error which prevented you from safe landing despite quite heroic efforts.
DJI allowed you to operate within restricted space and yet, once you flew out, they did not allow you to come back. Very, very clear error on DJI part.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your success with DJI.


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