water landing

  1. Huttcraft

    P3S Unkillable - survived submersion

    [knocking on wood before typing this] I landed my trusty, age-worn Phantom 3 Standard safely on the rear hatch of my boat last weekend. It was breezy but I managed to track the deck and set her down, grateful I didn’t have to try a hand-catch. But after touching down on the deck with the...
  2. kowal

    Hovers 4 minutes before settling in :(

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com This happened to me and my Spark July 13 2018..........dji said it was my fault....i watched that spark hover 4 minutes 25 feet away from me until the battery expired and it went in the water...i would have video it going in...but my cell phone was busy...
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