1. G

    Dji spark motor upgrade

    I’d like to mod my spark, I’d like to put new motors in, any suggestions for some really fast motors if I can do it? My first post btw.
  2. E

    DJI Spark takes better quality photos than phantom 3 advanced

    The specs say that the cameras are both 12mp and 1/2.3 inch sensors but for whatever reason my spark takes higher quality photos than my phantom advanced... does the type of SD card have anything to do with it? Or is it just that the spark is a newer model?
  3. T

    DJI Spark or DJI Phantom 3 Standard? Which should I buy?

    Dear PhantomPilots users I'm going to buy a drone, and I'm primarily been looking at these two. I don't know that much about drones. I just know that small Chinese toy "drones" are rubbish, and that DJI is one of the best brands, if not the best one. I have the opportunity to buy one of these...
  4. kowal

    Hovers 4 minutes before settling in :(

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - This happened to me and my Spark July 13 2018..........dji said it was my fault....i watched that spark hover 4 minutes 25 feet away from me until the battery expired and it went in the water...i would have video it going in...but my cell phone was busy...
  5. B

    Has anyone else had problems with DJI Service Dept in California?

    I can't be the only one. My experience is documented on youtube. Feel free to post any opinion.
  6. B

    Flying to Dominican Republic

    I am leaving in a few days for Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I plan to travel with a DJI Spark on American Airlines. Do I need any type of permit or anything for when going through customs. Also, do I need to get permission to fly or can I fly whenever. I do not plan on flying near people...
  7. Q

    Found DJI Spark - Glendale AZ

    Found a DJI Spark Drone Saturday 3/10/18 in Glendale AZ. Let me know if this is yours You will need to tell me: Where you lost it Color WiFi name WiFi Password you will have to pick it up or delivery fee
  8. thatsanicepicture

    Is the Phantom dead?

    I have a P4P+ and love it. But maybe the "Phantom" form factor is done, cooked, old fashion and otherwise yesterday's news. It's body style function was to "Fit it all in" ... Has technology made that requirement as out of place as film cameras. Yes I know people still use film cameras. We...
  9. Riley Lake

    Update today for GO 4...

    DJI released an update today for GO 4... but looks like maybe only for Spark... although it does say "bug fixes". Just FYI...
  10. impurenergy

    Luxury Condos and Yacht riddled coast of Jakarta. Enjoy!!!

    Feedback welcome. Its my best work to date but any feedback would be welcome. Especially criticism. I am picking up a lot of tricks from watching videos from th eforum so keep posting them! Thanks in advance.
  11. skiptv

    Is the Spark a Fizzle

    DJI investigates after Spark users report fly-aways and unexplained crashes
  12. V

    Read this before you buy anything from DJI

    DJI No Care I want to warn all potential DJI customers that their support is mostly terrible and their care for customers is more or less non-existent First - I have a long history with DJI I have bought 4 Phantoms (two flew away for no reasons and never to be found). I have bought 1 Inspire...
  13. chrismorace

    Check out Try Dragonfly in July and Win Free Spark, Mavic, & Goggles!

    Hi Phantom Pilots, I just wanted to let you know about a new app that has launched that makes managing and enjoying drone video simple. It's called Dragonfly and you can download it here: Dragonfly During the month of July there is a chance to win a DJI Spark just by creating an account. (No...
  14. Dronason

    Use of DATcon and CSVview with the Spark

    With the Spark and currently no RC, it is a hard time to fly it and I got many issues with wifi signal level. In one case it just hang in the air without doing anything until I realize that I had both table and phone setup to the wifi of the Spark and after loosing the control from the tablet...
  15. Capitan Bastos

    I GOT IT! The Spark is here!

    This is just a quick video I made because th Spark finally got here. I ordered the fly more combo and am going to test this thing out now for the next week or so to see if it's good enough for a bigger project in North Africa this fall.
  16. D

    Top drones google sheets comparison, Spark, Mavic, P4P, GoPro Karma

    I was just making a list of comparisons for myself and thought I would share. ... 1m1bH9IM/edit#gid=0 Comparison prices were with remotes and built in screens if possible. I threw in Karma just because a lot ask. Still working on it but please let me know if any...
  17. Y

    which dji drone to Buy?

    Which one do you think is the best buy?
  18. We Talk UAV

    Spark and the Future of the Phantom 5 and Mavic 2

    The release of the Spark always prompts what else is lurking on the horizon. In fact, the Spark actually has technology in ways not seen before. Can this be shared with other models in the future? We know that the technology gets shared between products. However, the Spark had a few extras. Here...
  19. J


  20. clackey

    New SparkPilots Launched

    We are making some final tweaks to the new site but come on by, create your account and start chatting it up! DJI Spark Pilots Drone Forum Btw, don't confuse us for That isn't us. Someone purchased the domain just an hour or two before us (when the spark...