Sep 11, 2015
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Hey there,

So straight to the point. I calibrated the controller just fine on RC assist. Plugged the P2 in and opened Phantom assist, a window popped up saying GPS failed to connect and it must be calibrated. Fine, I'll get onto that in a moment. Before I closed it I tested to see if the P2 assist would even register me moving the sticks around just as RC assist did. But nothing happened.

I then went to calibrate the compass and to see if it would pick up GPS. Issue is, whatever I do I cannot begin the compass calibration with the Phantom as the LEDs just keep flashing slow yellow. I have watched videos and read the manual on how to do it but going from GPS-ATTI-GPS 5,6,8 and/or 10 times doesn't change the LEDs at all.

I then tried advanced calibration in the tools section, and even leaving it 10 minutes, the numbers didn't change (I don't even think the calibration started to be honest).

I went back to RC assist, plugged the controller in and it registered stick movement, went back to P2 assist (P2 plugged in) - nothing registered. It still came up with no GPS.

On a side note after gimbal boot up the gopro lens doesn't move from a 45 degree angle, even after moving the hor/vert to 0 and playing around with the gain, but I will deal with that once I can get the actual P2 working.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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