1. W

    How can I check some other components when my compass connector fell off from motherboard

    Hello folks, I have recently crashed my P3P, and realized that the compass connector has fell off from the motherboard, and it peeled one pad from the motherboard. I am thinking to find a solution for reconnecting compass to the board, but would like to know if there is any other potential...
  2. K

    My P3P will not hover after crash. IMU/compass has been recalibrated several times HELP before I just dump it!

    So there was this very cool shelf cloud near my house. I went up just straight and got a fairly decent picture of it, but for one reason or another, I landed and then thought I would go back up and get video. Well, this was one fast-moving storm and the next thing you know my P3P was out of my...
  3. R

    Compass error. Exit p-gps mode

    Hello. I’m new in DJI... I buy a used DJI phantom 4k... notice some problems with compass. It’s saying “compass error exit p-gps mode” or something like that... what can I do? I did compass cal and IMU cal. but it didn’t help.
  4. D

    compass accuracy Phantom 4 advance/pro

    Hello All, I wasn't able to find in the internet what is the accuracy of Phantom 4 Advance compass (I believe it is similar to the pro) so if anyone know the answer it will be great, or where i can find those specs
  5. E

    A Fix For a Broke Compass Connector

    Hi all, I have a broken compass Connector. It is totally broke off the Main board. I do not have it or the compass wire. Is there a way to fix it inexpensively? I can solder well, if I know what I need and what the pinout is.
  6. Lindsaybev

    Compass Mod Values on P4A using Litchi?

    So, I feel foolish. I went to fly my drone and got my very first calibrate compass warning. I tried to do it three times, but it was not working. DUH! Then I realized I was standing on a bridge, probably made up of huge amounts of steel under all that cement. Dumb. So I have since...
  7. inesingeniera

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus CRASH

    Hi all, Yesterday I was performing some flighs and after all initialization, when I did my second take off, at 10 meters high, my phantom 4 pro plus was supposed to stay still. Instead, It started flying downward and sideways to the left. I quickly tried to lift it and it did not respond very...
  8. jephoto

    P4P v2 compass issue

    I've had the P4p v2 for two weeks. And it's flown really well. Shot 6 jobs already. It's so stable. When I need to do a tracking shot to the side, it goes exactly in line. No drifting. Mostly. But today after maybe 20 flights, when I started up, the compass symbol was facing the opposite...
  9. T


    How often does the compass need to be calibrated? I'm a new pilot. I've flown my P4P only about four times. Flights have taken off in different locations around an area of about 10 square miles. But Go4 app has never requested a compass calibration; not even the first time. I'm just scared...
  10. ArgenBrewer

    Calibrate compass in a saline

    I need to ask a question to the most experienced; I will soon have the opportunity to travel to a large expanse of salt mines in my country and it occurred to me that it could be the ideal place to calibrate the compass in an environment absolutely free of electromagnetic interference...
  11. J

    P4 Compass Error

    ’m having a problem with my p4 where whenever I take off after about a minute of air time my drone takes itself out of gps mode. I have read multiple threads on both the DJI forum page and Phantom Pilots and no one has given an actual solution, people only say to recalibrate the compass and IMU...
  12. leeblynch

    Compass error mid air

    I have had my P2V+ for two years now and have flow over 10 hours of flights with it. I have just replaced almost everything in my Phantom 2 vision plus (I use it for Search and Rescue missions and wanted to make sure it was ready for many more missions), actually all but the wifi module and GPS...
  13. M

    P4 Compass Calibration Error

    Having issues calibrating my compass on P4. System is about 18 months old and up to date. No matter where I go, open fields back yard...I continue to get failed compass calibrations due to "too much electrical interference." Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks
  14. Tobrouk

    Strange behavior at higher speed

    Hi everyone! I just got a Phantom 4 back from repair (had a crash due to a faulty battery). For some reason DJI sent me another one. Fine, except that after a few flights I'm experiencing a very strange behavior every time I get some speed. Let me try to explain what I see. You have one log...
  15. B

    Compass Calibration

    I am a new P3 Standard pilot (two months) and find this forum to be extremely helpful in terms of providing help and information. In following several recent threads, I have repeatedly viewed the suggestion "not to calibrate your compass every flight". I am confused: If I change launch...
  16. F

    GPS and Compass pinout

    Hi guys, I recently drowned my Phantom 3 Standard and it won't boot up now. I found out that I have to replace the main board and the FC (that little black box on top). I decided to make it a INav build instead. The only problem is that I can't find anywhere the GPS and Compass module pinout. I...
  17. abhir12

    Replaced Compass..Drone caught on fire

    Hey everyone on this forum! A couple weeks ago I flew my drone into a tree by accident. After that incident I started to get multiple compass errors that wouldn't even let me fly the drone. So I decided to replace the compass all together. Once I replaced the compass by removing the top shell...
  18. abhir12

    Replaced the compass on my drone...It then caught fire!

    Hey everyone on this forum! A couple weeks ago I flew my drone into a tree by accident. After that incident I started to get multiple compass errors that wouldn't even let me fly the drone. So I decided to replace the compass all together. Once I replaced the compass by removing the top shell...
  19. D

    Should i fly my drone from home?

    Hey, I have Phantom 3 FC 40 (without any upgrades) and I wanted to know if I should fly the drone from the balcony to outside. Once I tried to turn on the drone in the balcony and the LED indicator showed that below 5 satellites are found even thought when it'll be outside it will have a...
  20. Britishbigfoot

    Having trouble calibrating the compass

    I've had a good read, am stood miles from any metals, the controller, other objects, in an open field that is just mud. I'm wearing zero metal - I'd be naked if I tried any harder! I've successfully calibrated several P4P's, an Inspire 1, a Mavic Pro all in this exact spot. The P3S just...