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    The DJI assistant doesn't work properly

    I have a P4 Advanced but for some reason when I download the Dji Assistant shows "Inspire" and doesn't let me choose Phantom. Where do I download the correct one, or how do I modify this one to use for the P4. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Old Software Links, etc. (Downgrades)

    Assistant 2: Assistant_Installer_mac_1.0.4.dmg
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    Cannot connect to DJI Assistant 2 with P3A, but can connect with Mavic Pro.

    Hello, I can't connect my P3 Advance to the DJI Assistant App. All drivers are installed properly, the USB cable is good, and the firewall is not causing me an issue. The laptop and cable I think are known good variables because my Mavic connects just fine. Does anyone have any...
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    Anyone have a *MAC* copy of the pre- No Fly Zone (v.3.0.8??) Phantom 2 Assistant?

    Hi all, I'm a licensed Part 107 pilot with an FAA waiver to fly near an airport, and I'm trying to get my Phantom 2s to do it. I understand that the only way is to downgrade the firmware to a version before DJI included the No Fly Zone feature. The firmware is contained and installed through...
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    H3-3D seems not responsive

    hi , I bought recently a P2 with H3-3D and go pro 4. I use it in snow and a little of it wet the bottom of the H3-3D and the ribbon allimentation cable start to smoke , I after realise the cable had been dommaged att the connection with tilt motor. So i change the cabble but the gimbal seems...
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    GPS Calibration

    Hey there, So straight to the point. I calibrated the controller just fine on RC assist. Plugged the P2 in and opened Phantom assist, a window popped up saying GPS failed to connect and it must be calibrated. Fine, I'll get onto that in a moment. Before I closed it I tested to see if the P2...
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    H4-3D Not Responding & Assist Issues

    Hey. New to the P2. I just got both the P2 and Zenmuse H4-3D and literally took it out of the box, put it all together, downloaded the Assistant onto my Mac, plugged the P2 to check if it needed any updates and it seems the Assistant didn't recognise anything being plugged in, but it said in...