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    P4P Camera calibration not working

    Hi guys, since the first flight i´m getting the notification that i should calibrate the camera to get accurate focus. I have tried multiple times, both on the ground and in air to follow the instructions to focus on a high contrast object farther than 50m away. But whatever i try to focus on...
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    Blades not turning just one wiggles

    Hi, I am total new to this. I don’t even have own one yet. However I was given an older Phantom 2 to look at because it is not working correctly (blades wont startup) and I work with electronics. A co-worker has much experience with these drones went through the basic and advance calibration...
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    GPS Calibration

    Hey there, So straight to the point. I calibrated the controller just fine on RC assist. Plugged the P2 in and opened Phantom assist, a window popped up saying GPS failed to connect and it must be calibrated. Fine, I'll get onto that in a moment. Before I closed it I tested to see if the P2...