1. I

    Number of GPS Satellites

    So I began to use UAV Forecast to plan my flights and I noticed that it by default recommends that you have at least 9 GPS satellites that are visible and to be locked on to at least 12 GPS satellites. I am curious if people that fly the Phantom 3 Standard abide by the guide line or do you all...
  2. T

    My drone drops gps constantly

    Hello colleagues, let me ask for advice: For the second time the drone / Phantom4adv /samsung tablet/ does the following after it took off and had gps coverage, starts losing and receiving a GPS signal, finally stops searching for GPS and switches to ATTI mode until landing, / the problem is not...
  3. R

    Compass error. Exit p-gps mode

    Hello. I’m new in DJI... I buy a used DJI phantom 4k... notice some problems with compass. It’s saying “compass error exit p-gps mode” or something like that... what can I do? I did compass cal and IMU cal. but it didn’t help.
  4. Nobel Drones

    P4P Remote-requires ipad with cellular or no?

    Hi I recently purchased a Phantom 4 Pro, and im now looking into buying a tablet. The regular iPad mini 2 does not have gps to my understanding, and the ipad mini 2 + cellular does have gps. do you need to have the ipad mini 2 cellular in order to use gps modes such as follow me and RTH or does...
  5. H

    Warning:Max Flight Altitude Reached - ruins my work, pls help.

    Hello, I do fly P4P for as long as it was available, and I did fly earlier Phantoms and other drones before, so i do have quite a bit of experience with these. But on occassion P4P gives me grief with this warning: Max Flight Altitude Reached - change in MC if required. when it happens, it is...
  6. D

    P4P V2.0 & SEQUOIA gps problem

    Hello everyone, I'm an agriculture student and these days i have to perform a flight with the multispectral camera "parrot sequoia" whitch is attached to the phantom 4 pro v2.0. its the first time im using a multispectral camera. the 1st flight took place a few days ago where the drone flew...
  7. R

    Bring my drone to exactly the same GPS location once a month.

    Hi all, I want to follow up the construction of a high tower. I want to shoot maybe once a month, every time the drone should be in exactly the same position, the results would look like a timelapse over 2 years. Does anybody have experience with this? Can I do it with waypoints? Can I save...
  8. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm Upgraded GPS module

    SOLD: I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm GPS module for sale. It has been upgraded with a 4mm antenna. GPS module DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus upgraded with 4mm patch antenna | eBay
  9. L

    Drone Advice Needed

    Hello, I am kind of new to drones, especially advanced ones. I have flown a few amateur, if you will, drones but nothing fancy. I am looking for advice on a specific task that I'm trying to achieve and I think drones will be extremely useful. I am trying to use a drone to fly over a...
  10. Lindsaybev

    Litchi - How Many Decimal Places Out for GPS Coordinates in .SRT?

    After reading in the forums, I noticed that the .SRT (subtitle overlay) files between the DJI Go app and the Litchi app differ in the number of decimal places the Lat and Long. coordinates. It showed the DJI Go at 4 decimal places and the Litchi at 5 decimal places. Can someone please...
  11. K

    GPS (or other?) error while using Drone Deploy

    I've been using a P4P with Drone Deploy to map construction sites for several months. Recently on occasion it started unexpectedly aborting the mission mid way through, returning to home. Now it won't complete a mission. I rises to altitude and then goes into RTH. Drone deploy suggests a GPS...
  12. D

    possible faulty GPS mavic air replacement and dji care runs on without having a mavic air

    I would like a second opinion on the mavic air hardware problem and regarding dji care. Dji agreed to exchanged my first faulty product out of the box after a few email exchange with all the system logs I sent them. Only after I ask for a refund, they post it out after 4 weeks. Now I get...
  13. ArgenBrewer

    Calibrate compass in a saline

    I need to ask a question to the most experienced; I will soon have the opportunity to travel to a large expanse of salt mines in my country and it occurred to me that it could be the ideal place to calibrate the compass in an environment absolutely free of electromagnetic interference...
  14. I

    GPS signal

    Hey guys! I had a little problem with gps during a flight sometimes. And I don’t know what it depends on. How does the GPS work on the Phantom? Does it work from my phone or somehow from the drone on its own? Thank You in advance
  15. R


    Wiould this type of GPS testing or outage negatively impact the GPS systems on the Inspire 1, Phantonm 4 pro or Mavic Pro?? NAV GPS (YPG GPS 18-14) (INCLUDING WAAS, GBAS, AND ADSB) MAY NOT BE AVBL ( Thank you...
  16. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Losing GPS Signal

    This happened to me flying the drone in 2 totally different places. The gps shows 18 satellites and from nothing goes to zero satellites, does anyone know what may be happening?
  17. I

    GPS signal losing

    Hello everyone! I'm flying with my Phantom 4 advanced and enjoy it very much. However last couple flights were not successful and I almost lost/crashed my drone. Because of GPS signal that was losing after around 15 seconds of flight, the the Phantom 4 was switched into ATTI mode and no...
  18. R

    Litchi Waypoint Mission DAT File

    Flying missions beyond controller signal, I wanted to be able to plot the mission, including the missing out of range segment. When I download a dat file for a normal flight the GPS data is there, however on a waypoint mission flight the gps fields are all zeros. Missions completed perfectly ...
  19. A

    Full Signal No GPS After Crash

    I've got a phantom 3 standard that is having a GPS problem. First the details, the drone has crashed. It was about 20 feet up and I got too close to a tree and it came tumbling down onto gravel. No damaged parts on the outside, however the battery came out, easy fix. After that I hadn't flown in...
  20. H

    Programming flight route p4p

    Hello. I am in Dominica. our island was recently devastated by a monster hurricane Maria. i have lots of experience and flight hours but never used any sort of programming flight route. Now a client wants me to film recovery progress by flying on Exactly the same path and height every while. I...