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Gimbal Motor Overload & Crazy Camera Jerk!

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Kaleb Bryan, May 10, 2016.

  1. Kaleb Bryan

    May 10, 2016
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    I'm sitting here in middle of a vacation in Oahu and among one of my hikes, I decided to take a risky flight. Known for doing this often, I felt confident i'd get away with amazing shots and no crashes. This time things went differently...

    While at Monoa Falls, launching off a wet rock (Safe to Fly, Non GPS mode), I managed to take a few gorgeous shots in middle of the wet jungle of the Falls. However, only 1 minute in, my drone lost connection and started spiraling into the waterfall. Fortunately, the drone itself, smashed against the cliff alongside the waterfall and spun down cutting through the jungle trees landing at the bottom of the waterfall. (I call it "fortunate" because as I watched my drone fall to its death, I was ready to rock climb through the jungle to find it, had it crashed further up the mountain).

    As I reached our condo, I diagnosed its issues. All ribbon cables are in tact. All rubber gimbal boots are in tact. All mechanics seem to be in tact. However, at startup the camera will rattle and knock back and forth sitting in a mis-aligned position. I FIXED THE RATTLE! (To fix the rattle, you simply tighten the yaw arm attached to the gimbal using a 1.5mm on the set screw) There is an error message at my DJI GO app screen reading "Gimbal Motor Overload", the knocking back and forth, mis-aligned camera position, and error message still exist.

    At this point, I have successfully completed the IMU calibration, RC calibration, all most recent firmware updates, and I have also taken off the logic board connected to the Yaw Arm and have tightened the rod making the flat part horizontal & parallel with the camera to help with over horizon sensor and camera alignment. I'm going to continue researching, diagnosing, and messing with it, until then, if any of you have had this issue and have advanced drone repair knowledge, LETS USE THIS THREAD AS A GUIDE FOR MYSELF OTHERS WHO MAY EXPERIENCE THIS IN THE FUTURE!


    KB- Drone Enthusiast
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