1. Hyperlapse Flight Across the Pond

    Hyperlapse Flight Across the Pond

  2. M

    ESC status error after hard contact with tree and a few seconds in shallow water

    Yes... I flew Phantom 3 Advanced into tree and it came down into shallow (about 4 inches of water near shore) water where I grabbed it less than 3 seconds later. Anyway, now getting "ESC status error. Restart aircraft." Searching internet and this forum suggest ESC errors might come from bad...
  3. Lindsaybev

    Is 50' to Water considered "close"??

    I see a lot of warnings about the visuall positioning going wonky when people fly close to the surface of water. I want to fly a mission following a bridge over the Sacramento River, not a wide river, and I am wondering how "close" is considered "safe." I will get amazing aerial video at...
  4. L

    Gimbal got wet - now beeping

    Hi! Got a P3A from my friend for repair, since he managed to dip the Phantom under water. He shut it down and left it, since he noticed the gimbal was limb. He got a new drone from his insurance company and now all we have left is a flying drone without a gimbal. I have started tracing possible...
  5. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    DJI combo | Jetski Water Activities Norway | P4A and Osmo Plus

    Check out this short teaser made for a local business promoting water activities in the southern Norway :) Clips filmed yesterday and this is a small comp with some of them :)
  6. WetDog

    Tough little buggers

    Back in November 2017 I, for some reason, decided to try to get some pictures of a snowstorm. I launched from my house and flew back several hundred feet into the forest composed of 150 foot conifers. It was snowing pretty hard with limited visibility but I figured at several hundred feet with...
  7. Helihover

    My Two Favorite Hobbies.... At the Same Time:)

    This was my first time flying from my boat. It was fun.
  8. gringorio

    Shark Boat Orbit, Isla Guadalupe

    On my last drone venture to Isla Guadalupe we also saw several shark diving boats. One day on the way back to land on the sailboat I saw one passing close by and decided to take a swing around it. You can see them dragging tuna and shark diving cages on the way to their next anchorage.
  9. odannyj

    Drone Shots of the Long Pond Lake

  10. Clench M'cheeks

    Pontoons/Floats Phantom Water Landing Gear

    i recently ran across these while investigating a set of r/c airplane pontoons to affix to my phantom... Anybody have anything like on their craft? Or know anybody? The thought of water anywhere near my drone makes me nervous, but if you're flying over water it seems like a great safety device...
  11. F

    Lost signal over water, took a swim.

    Hi, I received my phantom 3 standard yesterday, I was going to fly close to the water and film the beach. I calibrated the compass and had 12 GPS's locked. Out of nowhere, it lost signal and went to ATTI mode. I brought it back, and tried to land it. I was 5 inches above the deck when a wind...
  12. F

    Insane Crash And It Still Works!

    So back in February it was a really nice day in New England and I decided to take my P3P up over a pond. And it's a pretty big pond. I took some shot some nice video there and then BOOM. Tree that I did not see because I was stupid and was not looking at the view finder. I was flying towards...
  13. Suncoast Aerials

    Dolphins ! Playing / Eating / Jumping [4K]

    Like our facebook page for more videos: www.facebook.com/SuncoastAerials Thanks!
  14. senatorKelley

    First time over water - Hines Park Michigan

    I gained enough confidence and flew over a lake in South East Michigan. Flying my Phantom 3 Pro. I have about 15 flights in so far, fairly new still and learning a lot!
  15. See Norway

    SeeNorway do it AGAIN!

  16. D

    Best settings for flying over water

    Can anyone advise what the best settings are for flying over water with a P4? I find that my drone starts spinning after about a minute of hovering over water. I have tried turning off the vision positioning sensors, but it had no effect.
  17. J


    What would YOU lift?
  18. M

    Throwback to my drone video of a waterfall after a bad snow storm

    Leave any feedback
  19. See Norway

    SeeNorway - FLYING under a bridge in Drammen

    Hi all Phantompilots :) I flew under a bridge multiple times in this video with no complications. Footage from a city south of Oslo called Drammen. Please sub if you like, cheers. SeeNorway on YouTube
  20. M

    Taking Phantom 4 to Jamaica

    In June I will be going to Montego Bay for Vacation. I am looking for any tips and tricks or advise. I will be flying out over water and was wondering about range, is is further than on land normally. I would like to shadow a cruise ship if anyone has done that I need ideas on setting for the...