yaw arm

  1. S

    P4P doesn't work well and facing sideward after replacing some components

    I crashed the drone and gimbal got structural damage. So I decided to repair it, however I have come across this problem that I can't solve. :confused: The 1st thing I did was to mount the whole gimbal mechanism from other good P4P (only red part at the image) to quickly discard if there was a...
  2. R

    P4P yaw arm replacement

    has anybody replaced the yaw arm on a P4P? I can't get the screws holding the yaw/roll motors to the yaw arm out. I've snapped off a couple philipps bits and stripped out the heads of most of the screws. anybody having this much trouble? one screw came out no problem but the others refuse to budge.
  3. P

    Looking for advice on what to do about broken P4P gimbal.

    So my Phantom 4 Pro took a tumble and the gimbal arm seems to have separated from the motor. At least that's what I think. I don't have DJI Care and I'm looking for some advice as to if I'm correct about it being the arm and motor and if it's something I might be able to fix on my own. Here's...
  4. D

    need bottom base plate and screws

    crashed and the bottom base plate of the yaw arm casing along with the screws are missing where can I get? Note the plate retains the digital board.
  5. P

    Changing ribbon cable

    Do you guys have any good video links for changing ribbon cable and yaw arm. Thanks in advance.
  6. Kaleb Bryan

    Gimbal Motor Overload & Crazy Camera Jerk!

    --- ERROR WITH GIMBAL MOTOR OVERLOAD & "CRAZY CAMERA JERK AT STARTUP" --- BACKGROUND STORY: I'm sitting here in middle of a vacation in Oahu and among one of my hikes, I decided to take a risky flight. Known for doing this often, I felt confident i'd get away with amazing shots and no crashes...
  7. A

    No Camera/Video Capture - after Crash Phantom 3

    Look at the video ... Could anyone help??? Drone Issue.mp4
  8. Y

    Need help troubleshooting my gimbal on a Phantom 3 Professional

    A couple of weeks ago I crashed my drone into some branches in a tree and it fell down about 3 meters but got slowed downed by some branches. The fall was not hard at all but bent one of the arms on my gimbal. The arm is now replaced by me yesterday but the gimbal is still not working. When I...
  9. Sam Flynn

    Drone Crash Repair

    Hi there I just had a mishap with my P3S when it flew into branches and crashed to the ground. Long story short, the camera and camera mount are now detached from the drone and the wire and mount are severed. I've attached photos below. At this point, I've figured out that I need a new yaw arm...
  10. blgli

    WTB: Phantom 3 Standard Roll Arm/Yaw Arm/Ribbon Cable

    Like the thread title says. Looking for a Phantom 3 STANDARD roll arm, yaw arm and ribbon cable. From what I understand the yaw arm is the same for P3S/P3P/P3A, but the roll arm I know is not. Not sure about the ribbon cable. I wouldn't mind a milled aluminum aftermarket piece but I have...