1. T

    Need help deciding.

    Use to have a drone I flew all the time and got out of it now wanting to get back into it. Would like something that has good video and picture but also not break the bank. I have been debating between a used phantom 3 or a mini. Any thoughts or input as to why either one would be the better...
  2. E

    Phantom 3 - 4k - need a gimbal main board

    Hello, I recently water damaged my phantom 3 - 4k gimbal main board. The dji does not repair it, since its a water damage. Anyone who have a phantom 3 - 4k gimbal main board or crashed his/her phantom but the gimbal board is fine. Please respond. Note: The model is phantom 3 - 4k. Not advance...
  3. J

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Footage Shaky NOT Jello

    Hallo Community and Phantom Pilots. I have some serious issues with my phantom 3 standard. The footage is shaky. BUT it is NOT every flight. I do not have a clue what could cause the shake: 1) IMU Calibration 2) Latest Firmware 3) New & balanced Props 4) new white damper 5) just 2 plastic clips...
  4. R

    Phantom 3 Professional Camera Issue

    Hi, my camera image is having flash white shots, how you can see here: is a phantom 3 professional, with all item updated. maybe is a hardware problem ?
  5. Valhalla_Bound

    Torque sizes

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to replace the shell on my dji phantom 3 standard I was under the impression all i needed were a T6 and T8 but while trying to remove the camera I noticed the screws holding the covers for the antenna's was smaller then my smallest Torque which is a T5 can someone...
  6. Bracco

    [P3A] Torre mozza, Tuscany italy (sea)

    Here my last flight :) Happy new year :)
  7. Bracco

    [P3A]Serravalle Pistoiese, Tuscany Italy

    This is my last flight.
  8. C

    Hello from Sri Lanka

    Guys, I'm from Sri Lanka and new to drones. I have P3 standard edition. I waa trying to use it in a windy environment. Actually a beach with high wind. I loose control and it went away like 100m. Finally I managed to land using auto landing. Is there any special way to use P3 standard in windy...
  9. R

    Help... lost my P3... what now?

    I'm new here so I hope I'm not violating any rules. I'm also hoping someone can point me in the right direction.... since I've spent all day in a raft and walking around a marsh. Story: brand new phantom 3 (7/2017) have been extremely cautious with it. Have range extender and I live in the city...
  10. J

    Phantom 3 Backpack with room for a 13" laptop?

    Hey! I'm hoping someone could put me in the direction of a good backpack (not hardshell) that can hold a 13" MacBook Pro 2017 and possibly a DSLR (no immediate demand for that). I've seen a few but nothing really stands out for me! For example, the Blackember V4 jet-set travel kit: V4 MODULAR...
  11. T

    Phantom 3 4K Perfect, Like New. Many extras included $675 shipped

    Hello everyone, Kind of new to flying and to be honest, I bought more drone than I really needed or wanted for now. I absolutely love this P3 4K but I am more interested in mobility and taking a drone everywhere with me so I am considering a Spark at this point. I will probably re-enter the...
  12. F

    GPS and Compass pinout

    Hi guys, I recently drowned my Phantom 3 Standard and it won't boot up now. I found out that I have to replace the main board and the FC (that little black box on top). I decided to make it a INav build instead. The only problem is that I can't find anywhere the GPS and Compass module pinout. I...
  13. impurenergy

    Luxury Condos and Yacht riddled coast of Jakarta. Enjoy!!!

    Feedback welcome. Its my best work to date but any feedback would be welcome. Especially criticism. I am picking up a lot of tricks from watching videos from th eforum so keep posting them! Thanks in advance.
  14. tseymour

    What is your Passion Project?

    Mine is flying and filming covered bridges in Ohio. It gives me a reason to fly and takes me and my brother to some interesting places. Please visit my channel, like & subscribe to see more.
  15. S

    What should I buy, Phantom 3 advanced or mavic pro? Im beginner

    Hi. I'm a beginner with this hobby and i bought my first drone, the syma x5c1. I flew it for about 4 to 5 times and I got used to that drone and now, i want to upgrade to a dji phantom. I saw a bundle from amazon cosist of phantom 3 advanced, prop guards, extra set of propellers, hardshell bag...
  16. S

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Bundle for Sale

    I am selling my Phantom 3 Professional Bundle. I am asking $1200 (or best offer) for this entire kit. Drone flies super nice, no issues, everything fits in the backpack. I am trying to move into a different hobby so that's why I am parting with it, I love this Drone. If anyone has any...
  17. B

    Why Obstacle Avoidance Rules

    Obstacle avoidance is a relatively new feature on drones. It is long needed update because of the areas most people fly in: trees, structures and the occasional power line. Best of all, obstacle avoidance can be a good protector for anyone considering the drone to be an investment. Here is one...
  18. Asiekierda313


    I was just curious, what part of the Standard 3's are responsible for connecting your aircraft to the transmitter? I crashed mine a few weeks ago and it will not connect no matter what and I don't know what to look at or replace.
  19. wawakool

    Have any one fly their P3 in the rain ? if yes what happened ?

    Have you ever try to fly your phantom 3 pro when its raining ? if yes what was the result ?
  20. J

    P3 - can you use DJI Go 4 App?

    Asking for my dad, hes got a Phantom 3 Standard.. Can he use the DJI Go 4 app? Also how does he test the batteries status to see if any cells are bad? I believe you can do this in the Phantom4 ive read but he says not many settings on his DJI App so i suspect hes using an older version. Can the...