May 15, 2018
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Got a P3A from my friend for repair, since he managed to dip the Phantom under water. He shut it down and left it, since he noticed the gimbal was limb. He got a new drone from his insurance company and now all we have left is a flying drone without a gimbal.
I have started tracing possible flaws with the circuitry and there was beginning oxidisation on the boards but nothing serious. Only the ribbon cable seemed really bad and I ordered a new one. Didn't seem to have good connection anyways.
The gimbal clearly tries to tell me something. It beeps "beep, beep, beep, pause" and flashes its green LED. After some time it will also flash red LED 6 times in a row. Then the cycle starts again. This doesn't change whether the camera or two motors controlled by the ribbon are connected or not.
DJI Go says "Gimbal disconnected", so nothing specific there. I have video put out to a couple of forums which you can take a brief look at. At least you can hear the beep from it. It is clearer towards the end of the video. 0:39

I'm just amazed how this three beeps in a row is so rare on the net. Nobody seems to have heard of it before. If somebody knows it or is brave enough to unplug their ribbon from their gimbal and verify if the beep just means "no connection to anything" that would be awesome. Thanks for helping me out guys!

- Benjami Lindqvist

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