1. L

    Gimbal got wet - now beeping

    Hi! Got a P3A from my friend for repair, since he managed to dip the Phantom under water. He shut it down and left it, since he noticed the gimbal was limb. He got a new drone from his insurance company and now all we have left is a flying drone without a gimbal. I have started tracing possible...
  2. D

    Attachable Drone Speaker

    I want to attach a speaker to my drone so I can play sound alerts to people in an area. I run the Phantom 4 drone off my phone and controller. Is there a speaker that could have a range ~75m/250ft, which I could attach to the drone. Possibly operate through the phone and/or controller? This...
  3. Jaime Ray Vaughn

    Beep Beep Beep

    P3P 1.5.30 I successfully updated today. I confirmed in the GO App, and in the text file. Several hours later, I had charged both batteries and I put in the first battery to check how much history the battery had (so I can mark it as the original battery). The Go app said that the gimbal was...