1. L

    Gimbal got wet - now beeping

    Hi! Got a P3A from my friend for repair, since he managed to dip the Phantom under water. He shut it down and left it, since he noticed the gimbal was limb. He got a new drone from his insurance company and now all we have left is a flying drone without a gimbal. I have started tracing possible...
  2. D

    Get away Birds!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but safety is what this is most closely related to. Birds are constantly bugging my drone while I'm doing roof inspections. I have to take my eyes off the drone, though I'm flying vlos, I'm looking at my iPad for most of the time. I want to know if anybody...
  3. H

    horizontal line in video during yaw

    Every time I yaw left or right a horizontal line rises up the recording. I bought this used so no idea of it's crash history. Ive inspected it thoroughly from the outside and there are no marks from a crash, the camera and gimbal look flawless and the ribbons seem to be fully seated.
  4. P

    No Fly Zone Unlock Trouble

    I live in the zip code area 20623 and am having trouble taking off. My phone app doesn't show me being a no fly zone. when I try to take off my app tells me I'm in a no fly zone. I went to dji website and tried to unlock the zone but even their website is telling me I should be able to fly. it...
  5. S

    A Flying Screen?

    Hi folks, I am from Toronto (Canada) running an Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder Focal Point and build your flying screen. All you need is a drone (DJI Phantom 3+) and smartphone. I also have some cool perks where I'll play your video in the air and send you a recording!
  6. SoCalDude

    What is "Part 8"?

    When I see the Phantom 4 battery hub charger on different online sites, I notice that there are "Part 8" models and others (which don't specify Part 8). What does the Part 8 mean?
  7. D

    Phantom 3 Pro for sale Adult owned and flown

    Selling DJI Phantom 3 Pro well taken care of adult owned and operated. Always kept in a micro raptor case. The case is NOT included in this sale. Listed below what is included. Very clean no cracks at motors or anywhere in the frame. Phantom 3 Pro model 323, 31 flights total. Phantom 3...
  8. S

    Drone vs. Drone Near Miss

    I almost got brought down by this idiot pilot. It's a short video but you'll see my concern.
  9. S

    Brand New P3P-Indoor flight gone wrong-fail

    This may be the most hilarious video I've ever seen. My older brother goes off and buys a brand new Phantom Pro 3. He reads the manuals for a week straight and watches several YouTube videos. He then decides to test it out indoors to get familiar with it. Well, here's the link:
  10. S

    Almost lost my Phantom 3 Pro

    I almost lost my beloved Phantom 3 on Saturday night. I had a couple of drinks and then decided to fly an auto pilot mission using the FPV camera app (which I love by the way). I quickly typed in a few targets, entered about 15 waypoints, and let the bird loose. The mission was planned for 10...
  11. codygrkman

    P3P for $979 NEW

    Not sure if anyone else saw this already but on Amazon you can get a brand new Phantom 3 Proffesional for $979 right now! Buying Choices: DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone Do not think it is a DJI authorized seller though.