Flying for profit (US)

Feb 26, 2015
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I know that the New proposed FAA rules seem very reasonable for using these things for commercial use. But they need to be voted on until they become law.
So I was wondering what I can do in the meantime? I know that you need to petition for a Section 333 exemption to be able to do it. And even the FAA streamlines and gives blanket exemptions to certain things:

But I was wondering how to get FAA exemption? I have read things on the FAA website and I know it is super confusing. :)

I have been flying for fun for a while, but I would not mind making a few bucks off of it legally :)

To fly with a 333 exemption, the FAA will require a pilots licence.
OK if you have one but not very cost effective if you have to get one.
In a strict numbers sense? Yes. But getting my private pilot certificate was one of the most rewarding, memorable and downright fun things I've ever done. And that is something that has value which can't be accounted for on a spreadsheet.
I heard, if you pass the private pilot license exam (written test) you might qualify for the exception. But not sure if true though..

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