First Phantom/Gopro project

Jun 3, 2015
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I think you did that very nice! May I ask you what software you used to make this video? Witch GoPro Settings? And did you crop the video to get the props out of sight? Or how did you do that?

Im also new to this and I want to learn how to make a video like you did :).
Oct 12, 2014
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Commerce Twp,MI
Nicely edited. Which camera did you use for the time lapse?
Dec 23, 2014
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Thanks, it was a VERY fun project.

GlennPhantom, the following GoPro (4-silver) settings were used:

1) During phantom flying, I always used Auto and Protune-off. Frame size was 1080P at 30 FPS. At this setting, the props were not in the way as long as I did not fly too fast. If you use larger frame size, you will have to crop the video and it will be fine.

2) Evening Time lapse: Auto exposure, 10 sec intervals, Protune ON, WB 5500 or 3000 (I forgot which, but both work), ISO 400.

3) Night time lapse: 30 sec exposure ( or you can try 20 sec), continious , ISO 800 ( next time I will try 400 so it will be less grainy), WB = 3000

4) On the time lapses, the Gopro battery will only last about 2 hours. If you want to run it all night, then use an I-phone charger and an extension cord to keep the gopro running. Don't do this on a rainy day!

5) Video editing: I used GoPro Studio to down load, cut out scenes and slightly adjust the colors, contrast, hue, etc... ( not more than 10%).
I used Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to actually splice the videos and use Cross-Fade between scene changes.

6) Things I learned:
a) At night when flying the phantom with Gopro, tape the front LEDs with black electrical tape. There will be red glare on the video if you don't.
b) ALWAYS double check that the video is activated. There has been a few times I had GREAT shots. I turned on the GoPro, but forgot to start the video!
c) Once in a while I got green glare flying in the daytime. I would be flying south, when the sun was to the east or west. I finally figured out it was the sun reflecting off the clear plastic cover of the front LEDs. Just tape the inside 1/2 of the front LED (lengthwise) with black electrical tape.
d) I had jello effects once in a while. I made my own hood using thin clear plastic similar to what you get in a fruit salad container from the grocery store and spray it black. I have yet to try it out, but I am sure it will work. The only question is whether the propeller will make the air rush on the plastic and cause it to bend.
e) When doing time lapse, once you get the timer going, then turn off the screen so it wont waste the battery and the camera won't get hot. I had it shut itself off because it got hot and I was beginning to think Gopro was crappy. After searching the internet, this was the solution and it worked.

Feel free to ask any other questions! I asked A LOT of questions before I even bought a Gopro and Phantom 2 and appreciate the help I got form this forum!

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