DJI Phantom 1/Crash/Battery Issues/Accessories/ Starter kit

Nov 15, 2023
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Hi all!

Newbie on Drones and bought the classic DJI Phantom 1, from 10 years ago, with lots of accessories from ebay. Great deal as it came with gimball and montior as well.
I've chased the forum to look for similar info regarding the problem I'm facing, and haven't found anything similar.

*** So, here it goes my "case", whoever could HELP ME PLEASE, that would be much appreciated ***

- Batteries seem to okeysh, very old but they charge. Although one of them blinks the green lights on it while connected with the drone.
- Can't seem to manage the GPS calibration. It shows green lights after finished, etc, but after the process, it blinks red and green before take off.
- In the test flight, the drone simply "fell", as it seems the thrusters stopped and after it falls, thrusters turn on and it's hard to get the drone and turn it off.
- Controls seem to be working ok, until if falls (I've tried to attach a video, but the forum only allows pics. Burt uploaded to WeTransfer, it's here: )

*** What I 've read and I GUESS I've learned so far ****

- It's ideal to re-charge and stabilise the original batteries using that charger i saw in an youtube video: "MAX B6 AC RC Charger 80W B6AC 6A Balance Charger"
- Try and test it after to see it if works without fall after it.

*** What I BELIEVE that could be ideal to buy/upgrade ***

- Buy a New CABLE set (one of the cables "disconnected/broke out from the plastic connector"). Please see pics and if you could advise which cable set to buy, as I'm using the VCR transmitter and a goPro that would connect to the gimbal etc (see pics)
- Thrusters (there are many, but it would be good to hear from any tips regarding it.
- Thrusters guard (all mine broke in the fall)
- An ADAPTER that could connect the original connector inside the Phantom 1, to those grey batteries that I'm looking to buy

Any tips for a Newbie here on this drone model, WOULD BE GREEEEEAT!!!!
(need to buy accessories and stuff to be safe, please advise! I'll have to buy batteries and other stuff, but can;t seem to find "cable set", etc.)

Also, I need to be sure what is whaat in the setup I have. Of course I have an idea, but it might be something wrong in there, etc.

* please note in the last pic, the yellow cable "broke" from the connector. It happened after I tried to disconnect it from the plug in the drone.

Thank you guys!


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Hello guys.

I'm still in the looking for spare parts for the Phantom 1. I guess I need a new cable set.
Checked online, sent emails to the makority of the stores I could find in USa.

But here goes another question. Does the Cable Set of the Phantoms 2 or 3 would work on the Phantom 1?

hello 4focussake, you do not have a phantom 1, it is the phantom 2.
Hey Nickatnite!

Maaaaaaan! Yeah, I have the 2! Just checked the purchase details on eBay!
Such a relief!

I'm still figuring out WHY I thought it was the Phantom 1 :p Maybe the instructions manual was from the 1, not sure.

That changes things a "little", as it's less difficult to find parts for the Phantom 2. But still support from SJI is gone too.
I need a new cable set to swap, as one of the wires broke from the connector, and I'd like to eliminate any possibility of a bad wires contacts, etc.

I'llWill chase for "generic"batteries for it too. If you know where in USA I could find, please do let me know, OK?
And will use a iMAX B6 AC RC Charger 80W I'm buying to "resuscitate" the 2 batteries I have.

In that case, do you have any recommendations of accessories/batteries, etc to buy for a Phantom 2?
I'm looking to have some good propellers, and accessories like the foam for the landing part, etc.
But anything else that is good to have for a drone like this, that would improve it somehow, Please let me know too!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH man! My mind blew and it's somehow good news :D

I'm looking to buy 2 batteries for my Phantom 2 _ Chargers.
I'm looking all around eBay. There are quite a few.

Bu if any of you guys know a shop/seller in USA that I could buy batteries from that are trusted, that would be great.

I'll re-ship to my country, and I really need to know trusted sellers.

Thanks a lot guys,
Oh man I remember these days playing with the Phantom series when they came out fpving parts together good times and hard times figuring it out lol good luck with it and keep us up to date on your progress

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