Close Encounters with Tombstones & Trees

Jun 17, 2014
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North Alabama
Was trying to see how close I could fly among the dogwoods. Survived to fly another day...

Nice pun w words beeline,

The music sucked, only because it was perfect for the setting. Not my favorite place.

Here's homework for you. Take the 2 children on bicycles and make them fly by while you are filming the top of a tree. Me heart woulda stopped.

**** good job. My hat's off to you.

Creeepie though... EEEeEEEEeeeEeEk
Thank you, IflyinWY! There were 2 overhead views where my wife and I appeared in the shot. I found it to be distracting so I masked us out in After Effects. Was tempted to fade us in and out at 50% opacity to add a ghostly effect. Oh, and adjacent to the cemetery is a playground that's been dubbed "the dead children's playground". That's what people really call it.'s_Playground

I actually enjoy the serenity and history of this old cemetery. Maybe some lighter music would have made it less...foreboding. :eek:
Thank you Monte55. Felt like I was pushing the boundaries with the color correction and the music, so the kind comments give me a bit more confidence. I worry that aerial footage will become passe by the time the FAA grants a pathway for commercial use.
Glad you liked it and thanks for your comment!

Planning my next video way down in a canyon so I'm worried about lack of GPS lock. That and a two hour hike to get to it lol. I will probably take the risk anyway because it is so beautiful.

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